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Plum Deluxe Productions helps lifestyle brands & businesses
plan, create, and promote engaging content
for their websites, blogs, and social media.

Plum Deluxe is the website that helps you create moments that matter. Our team also helps businesses and brands create special moments with their customers through the use of creative, engaging content.

In two hours, I learned more from Andy at Plum Deluxe than I had going to numerous professional development conferences. His opinions on brand management are stellar. If you need a marketing mentor or website help, run – don’t walk – to Andy.”
– Chris Gray Faust, Former USA Today Editor

It’s no big secret that capturing the attention of today’s consumer and decision makers has become increasingly challenging.

The majority of these work-hard, play-hard professionals are no longer “seeing” traditional marketing. Most likely, they are on the go with eyes never too far from a tablet or smartphone.

Instead of staying stuck trying to reach them (and giving yourself technology burnout), why not do something that makes them come to you?  

It is heartbreaking to publish website content, only to hear crickets, not results. Plum Deluxe keeps the focus on helping you tell your story – content is just our tool of choice. 

Wow! I have had more productive activity through my site this month than I’ve ever had. Ever. Your gift for storytelling and active desire for others to live well has helped open opportunity for me live better in my story. Keep doing what you do so well.
– Leann Sype, Pen to Paper Communications


Just a Few of the Brands that Trust Plum Deluxe


Our area of focus is exclusively on content:

  • Content Strategy (Plan): What kind(s) of content will your customer love? How do you best position yourself in the online space with content? Our detailed content marketing plans and strategy audits help you pinpoint your efforts towards the best results.
  • Content Creation (Create): Get a helping hand with your content production efforts from our team of over 250 expert niche writers and photographers, from custom recipe creation to hotel reviews and wine pairing guides.
  • Content Distribution (Promote): How do you get that great content in front of new and existing customers? From paid efforts, blogger outreach, and social media campaigns, we can help you find the best ways to get engagement with your content efforts.

We also have an in-house designer to support select clients with custom WordPress website design when necessary for microsites or brand redesigns.

Will you join us for a brief coffee date?

Having worked with many clients over the years, we are 100% confident that the most important indicator of success is the relationship we have with you.  We’d like to invite you to a short 20-minute phone call to talk a little bit about your brand, what you’ve been doing that got you to this point, and how you would see us as part of your team. We’ll share our frank opinions and our experiences relative to your current challenges.  If we both think there’s a match, we can then get into the details.

We like to think of this as a coffee date, and if you are in Portland, Oregon — the coffee is in person and on us!

Hate forms? Email us directly.

Plum Deluxe has not only increased our presence in terms of the sheer numbers; instead, they’ve done something far more important: increased and improved the engagement. By creating an authentic presence, they have made followers feel that they’re being heard, that they’re welcome in our community. They are also in constant communication with our editorial team, brainstorming creative ideas for promoting and generating content; they are an incredible asset and I recommend them without reservation.
– Julie Schwietert Collazo,


Wow, you have blown me away with understanding me, the market, and how to sell myself to that market. I will be poring over every detail in the days ahead and acting on them.”
– Richard Chowning,


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