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Raw Honey for Tea




Each jar is 8oz and will sweeten approx 25 cups of tea.

We love honey for sweetening tea (not to mention cheese plates or in our desserts, yoghurts, etc.) We’ve partnered with a honey company to bring you a raw honey blend that we LOVE. We’ve chosen a wildflower honey blend; specifically, a blend of wildflowers ensures the honey flavor does not overwhelm your tea.  We also are sourcing our honey directly from fellow American artisans, so we can ensure the honey is pure, unadulterated, raw honey.

This particular honey blend is calmer and less intensely sweet than a clover honey or a more strong floral honey.  We hope you find it to be the perfect thing to make your day a little sweeter.

Raw Honey for Tea

Ingredients 100% Raw Grade A Honey.
Store jars sealed in a cool place away from sunlight for maximum freshness.