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Mindful Morning Tea Blend (Earl Grey)


per oz (makes 15-20 cups)



The Mindful Morning blend is the Plum Deluxe take on classic cream Earl Grey.

Everyone loves Earl Grey, but we found a way to make it even better so that we can start every day with a tea blend that is truly luxurious. We began with our absolute favorite black tea, Ceylon. We then added a tiny pinch of vanilla, a bit of flavor and color with the cornflowers, and topped it off with lashings of the bergamot oil that makes Earl Grey so famous. The orange peels give it a final flavor boost.

All Plum Deluxe teas are hand-blended and infused with love in Portland, Oregon. Each 1oz packet makes 15-20 cups. All organic ingredients — no sulfites, no artificial chemicals, non-GMO.

Mindful Morning Tea Blend (Earl Grey)

7 reviews for Mindful Morning Tea Blend (Earl Grey)

  1. (verified owner)

    “This smells truly wonderful. I want to scoop up a handful and eat it. This does not require added sweetener, yet it is not overly sweet by any means.”
    – The Everday Tea Blog

  2. (verified owner)

    “Really fresh and clean. Nice to wake up too–like a comforting hug first thing in the morning.”
    – Jonelle A

  3. (verified owner)

    “A classic black tea blend vibe, but with a modern twist that feels like I’m being pampered.”

  4. (verified owner)

    A fun twist on Earl Grey! I love the orange and cream flavor to this EG, very nice!

  5. (verified owner)

    “I was surprised by the intensity of flavor, since a lot of Earl Greys I’ve tried in the past are a bit lacking on the tea side. This is a bold black tea that brews strong even in small amounts. Unsweetened, the flavor of the tea is what stands out most. Adding a little rock sugar brings out the citrus, creating a tea that’s refreshing and perfect for a morning punch, somewhere other Earl Greys tend to fall short. But where this tea really shines is after the addition of just a splash of milk. Milk enhances the subtle vanilla flavor, creating a heavenly blend with just the right balance of full-bodied flavors.”
    – Beth Alvarez

  6. (verified owner)

    “Yes, I added cream ~ I actually like my black teas prepared as “milky” tea, whereas all other types of tea, I like plain or just with lemon. This does have a nice smooth flavor, strong but not bitter. The cream tea, vanilla and orange scent and taste lend this blend to be special tea. “
    – Michelle B

  7. (verified owner)

    “Overall, a lovely, robust black flavored tea. Perfect warm and, as the tea cooled and the flavor deepened, I knew this would be a beautiful tea over ice for summer, too.”
    – Julie W

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Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Bergamot Oil, Vanilla Essence, Love, Gratitude. Contains Caffeine

Preparation Instructions: Use 1 1/2 tsp per 16oz cup. Steep with boiling water for 3-5 minutes. We suggest not over-steeping this one; because we use the freshest ingredients, you can steep your tea twice for a second cup.

Suggested Uses: Enjoy straight up to brighten any morning or give you that early afternoon boost; also makes a fabulous latte or even cocktail. It is a nice pairing (and ingredient) if you're making our Earl Grey butter cookies, fudgey Earl Grey brownies, or panna cotta.

Ordering Information: Once you complete your purchase, your tea will be hand-blended then packed into 1 oz re-sealable poly bags. We will carefully package it into our signature purple envelopes, and then your tea will relax and read a magazine while traveling to you via USPS First Class Mail from Portland, Oregon. Teas generally leave our studio within 2-4 business days of ordering - we will contact you if we expect any delays.

Due to the exacting and very personal nature of our specialty blends, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the tea that we sell. If you find that you get a shipment that is not, well, your cup of tea, we ask that you pass it along to a friend who will enjoy it. Then share your feedback with us so we can continue to improve our product.

Allergy Information: Plum Deluxe teas are hand-blended in a single facility that also processes tree nuts.

Our Policy on Organic Sourcing: Almost all of the ingredients purchased by Plum Deluxe for our teas are backed by USDA-compliant organic certifications. In cases where we work with a non-certified vendor, we are purchasing ingredients that are carefully wildcrafted, ingredients that are from a region of the world that does not have an organic certification program (such as parts of Japan or Taiwan), or from small family farms that cannot yet afford their certification or have not yet completed their certification. In all cases, we very carefully vet our products to ensure their are full of flavor, without any unwanted chemicals, artificial flavors, or genetically modified organisms. Thank you for trusting us to find the freshest, most delicious ingredients that are grown on sustainable, fair trade farms by companies we know, like, and trust.

About Us: Plum Deluxe is not just a tea company, we are a community on a mission to create moments that matter. Learn more about us here (and about our name - no, we do not put plums in all of our teas).

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