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“Comfort Cocoa” Hot Chocolate Mix


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Sometimes, the moment just calls for a delicious, comforting cup of hot chocolate – that’s why we searched the globe for ingredients to make our “Comfort Cocoa” raw hot chocolate mix.

We start with raw cocoa that has a high natural cocoa fat content – which means you get a creamier cup of hot cocoa, without having to add as much sugar.  We add pinches of ground vanilla beans and fresh cinnamon to create a perfect harmony.   You can also choose from our current flavored hot chocolate blends – with a hint of mint, spiced (cardamom/cayenne), lavender, or caramel.

Our hot cocoa mix is organic, fair trade, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.   Each 4 oz bag will make at least 30 cups of hot chocolate.

"Comfort Cocoa" Hot Chocolate Mix

All-Organic Ingredients: Raw Cocoa, Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon.

Mint blend adds peppermint essence, Spiced blend adds cayenne pepper and cardamom, Lavender adds Oregon Lavender, Caramel adds Caramel Extract and Gum Acacia.

Preparation Instructions:Use 1 heaped teaspoon in mug of boiling water or milk/milk alternative. Stir until dissolved.

Add a teaspoon into coffee for a mocha!