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Heart & Soul Tea Infuser


Always Hand-Blended Fresh
Always Hand-Blended Fresh
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Free Sample with Every Order
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100% Secure Checkout
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Unfortunately, these infusers are out of stock and we have no timeline for getting them back in stock. Instead, please consider our cherrywood tea nest infuser or a simple heart infuser instead.

Looking for the perfect tea infuser for your loose leaf teas? You’ve found it – the Heart & Soul tea infuser, available exclusively from Plum Deluxe. It’s the tea infuser we’ve always wanted.

The infuser base is shaped like a spacious heart, to remind you that loose leaf tea is full of love. We prefer mesh to keep the finer tea leaves out of your cup yet still impart full flavor.

You have two choices for the attached gemstones:
Carnelian (orange) & Amethyst (purple). Carnelian can help support your creativity and is a good luck charm. Amethyst is a calming stone, promoting peacefulness, happiness, and contentment.
Aquamarine (light blue), Kyanite (dark blue), & Quartz (clear). Aquamarine calms the mind and body, kyanite helps you speak your inner truth, and quartz helps you tap into your intuition and inner knowing (and is a good luck charm).

No matter which you choose, these delightful gems will ensure that every cup of tea you pour will truly be infused with a touch of magic.  The gems are also functional – they help the end of the chain not fall back into the cup.

We also offer the heart mesh infuser without gemstones.

Every gemstone is unique so your infuser may look slightly different than shown in the picture, but it will be just perfect for you, we promise. Don’t worry – if you accidentally dunk these gems in your tea, both your tea and your gems will be just fine. We suggest hand washing and air drying – this infuser is not dishwasher safe.  Packaged gift-ready in a kraft jewelry box with our logo.

Heart & Soul Tea Infuser

Purple & Orange, Icy Blue