Love flavored white tea? Try Plum Deluxe organic white tea.
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White Tea

A staff favorite, our flavored white tea blends offer fresh, organic enjoyment with very low caffeine levels. Did you know that white tea is the least processed type of tea from the tea plant?

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    peach pear organic white loose leaf tea blend

    Afternoon “High Tea” Tea (Peach/Pear)

    Relax with friends & hot scones and this lovely weekend tea. Lightly caffeinated. $7/oz.

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    Blender's Choice

    Blender’s Choice

    Let us choose a surprise tea for you! $5/oz, limit one per order.

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    Tea Break White Tea (Tangerine/Honeydew Melon)

    Tea Break White Tea (Tangerine/Honeydew Melon)

    It’s ok to just take a moment. $7/oz.

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