No matter your budget or which style you prefer, we’ve got the best Plum-Deluxe-blender-tested loose leaf tea infusers. We can’t pick a favorite!

Our adorable Easter collection is here! Plus, we have TWO $5 teas in April: Coconut a la Creme black tea and Oregon Breakfast Decaf.

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Stainless Steel Mesh Infuser “Tongs” with Orange Silicone Grip Handle

Make teatime prep easy with this "tong" style mesh basket infuser. $7 each.

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Celestial Mesh ‘Nest’ Tea Infuser

An inspiring and easy to use nest-style tea infuser. $10.

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Victorian Mesh Cone ‘Nest’ Tea Infuser

Pretty + practical mesh infuser for teapots, teacups, and mugs. $9.

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Gemstone Heart Tea Infuser (Rose Quartz / Amethyst)

A simple (but adorable & effective) mesh tea infuser with a gemstone heart charm. $10

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tea nest loose leaf tea infuser

Cherrywood ‘Tea Nest’ Tea Infuser Set

Elevate your next tea time to an elegant experience with this gorgeous cherrywood 'tea nest' infuser + spoon. $23.

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Heart Tea Infuser

A simple (but adorable & effective) mesh tea infuser. $5

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