Looking for a creative loose chai tea blend?Try Plum Deluxe!


Looking for a spicy, comforting cuppa? Then try one of our loose chai tea blends. (We usually rotate through a seasonal chai as well – our spiciest tea is our Stargazer Mate Chai.)

Summer is here & so are summer seasonal iced teas - view our favorite iced teas here.   And don't forget, time's running out to save up to 30% on earl grey teas plus special flavors.

Vanilla Butternut Masala Chai

Full Moon Chai (Vanilla Butternut Masala Chai)

Inspired by the cycles of the moon. Vibrant and flavor-packed masala chai. $7

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Rainy Day Puerh (Sweet n Spicy)

When you need a sweet-n-spicy comforting kick. $7/oz.

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Stargazer Caramel Mate Chai

Kick back & let this mate tea open your mind. $7/oz.

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Blender’s Choice

Let us choose a surprise tea for you! $5/oz, limit one per order.

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Portland Rose City Chai (Blackberry / Rose)

Take a trip to the Rose City with a bit of Portland, Oregon in your cup. Spicy, floral, fabulous. $7/oz.

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