Pinterest Travel: Explore the World in Color

Pinterest: Travel the World by Color

follow our travel boards on pinterestA couple of years ago, one of our readers shared with me an invite to the inspiration social network Pinterest. I used it a bit, liked it, but got busy and didn’t think much else about it.

Then Pinterest exploded. It’s now one of the most popular (Free!) social networks with 12 million people pinning away great photos of the world.  And now we’re on board too.

Come Explore our Color Boards on Pinterest

We’ve got our own Pinterest account now, – you probably have seem some of our fun crayon/colored pencil ads around the site. I’m really loving Pinterest as a travel inspiration tool – haven’t you picked a travel destination or activity based just on a photo? I know I have, and this is the perfect tool to make more of those serendipitous connections happen.

My friend Mary Jo and I are using it to plan our trip to Tokyo and I am finding it really useful as a travel planning tool because you can upload photos of each thing you want to do, and then add lots of descriptive text to give the background. You don’t have to be super techy to use it – it doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, which is refreshing.

I wanted to do something creative with the STE travel boards to make it a fun and engaging experience, and what I came up is viewing the world of travel… by color. Pinterest is such a wonderfully visual platform, so why not?

Unsurprisingly, the “travel blue” board is my favorite (it is one of my favorite colors):

Travel by Blue
Travel by Blue

I’m also loving the purple board – perhaps because I didn’t realize that our earth is covered with so many rich and vibrant purple hues!

Travel by Purple
Travel by Purple

We’ve got pink, orange, white, green, black, and yellow as well. And of course we have some other boards related to food, reading, and more.

Also, you’ll now notice a cool “Pin It” button when you hover your mouse over any image on the site, making it quick and easy to pin your favorite travel articles and travel photos to your own Pinterest boards! Go on, try it out!

We’ve got a STE Community Board Too

community pinterest travel board

To allow all of us to enjoy Pinterest together, I’ve created a Value Luxury Bucket List board that anyone in the community can join and share your “I must go here” photos and places.  All you need to do is leave your Pinterest handle in the comments and we’ll get you added and follow you.  It will be a lot of fun to see what topics and trends show up in our communal list – looking forward to it!

If you’re interested in helping us pin and curate additional photos for the color boards, let me know – we’d love to have you.

Of course, if you would rather just follow along and enjoy some nice photos, that’s totally ok too.   By the way, if you are short on time, Pinterest has a fantastic app for the iPhone that is perfect for pinning-on-the-go, and I’m told the Android version is on its way soon.

Be sure to leave us your Pinterest handle in the comments, so we can follow you, and let us know if you’d like to join our community board.

Don’t have a Pinterest invite? Then just leave a comment using the email address you’d like us to send the invite to in the “email” field – Pinterest is free! We can see your email address on our end, but it will not show up in the comments! (Or just use the contact form if you’d rather.)

Pinterest: Travel the World by Color

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