Photo Essay: Incredible Pictures of Pumpkin Patches
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Photo Essay: Incredible Pictures of Pumpkin Patches

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Although Halloween has mostly exploded in the commercial sense in North America, families around the world enjoy a good romp through fields of autumn leaves, picking their own gourds and pumpkins, and enjoying feel-good warm comfort foods as winter descends onto the northern hemisphere.

Many pumpkin patches are travel experiences in and of themselves – complete with hot cider and sweet treats, corn mazes to explore (and get lost) in, pumpkin carving classes and contests, and other events that all fall into the reasons-we-love-autumn. To celebrate these wonderful venues, check out these incredible pictures of pumpkin patches – and if one is close to your home, why not pay them a visit to celebrate the reason?

Dallas Arboretum: The World’s Largest Pumpkin Patch?

Some day the Dallas Arboretum hosts the world’s largest pumpkin patch. While it’s an unconfirmed statistic (at least I couldn’t), I have to say that 66-acres of grounds with over 40,000 decorative pumpkins and gourds and over 150,000 colorful fall plants makes for impression enough. (I’m going to skip over the “bigger in Texas” reference….)

World’s Largest Corn Maze: Dixon’s Cool Patch Pumpkins

Plan for a full day here in Dixon, California (near Sacramento) because after you’ve picked your pumpkins, you’ll want to explore the largest corn maze in the world. Looking at their online maps and instructions, this place is serious business – I would be worried.

Glass Pumpkin Patches

We recently featured some amazing glass art and architecture, inspired by a trip to Tacoma, Washington. The smart folks in Tacoma also arrange a popular glass pumpkin patch festival, with pumpkins so cute and adorable you will wonder why you didn’t think of the idea yourself. Glass pumpkin patches are held in many cities world-wide, so ask around.

Euro Pumpkin: The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin festival

The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is an annual festival that is a must-see, if not for all the tasty pumpkin foods, but all the Pumpkin artworkthat surrounds the beautiful Ludwigsburg castle. Installation artworks and row-by-row-by-row of beautiful pumpkins and gourds, all with a unique German flair.

With Pumpkins comes Scarecrows

Did you know that the scarecrow is a 3,000 year old technology? It was first used in ancient Egypt along the Nile to keep flocks of quail off the crops. It was the Greeks, though, who stumbled onto the revelation that scary faces kept the birds at bay. The practice spread in Europe, and at the same time a similar scaregrow developed in Japan, which used smelly old means as an additional deterrent.

Babies Love Pumpkins Too

Pumpkin patches can be a great family activity, but they’re still romantic even if you’ve not got youngsters to take with you. This guy seems to be in a world all his own.

And don’t forget the animals….

Like any smart animal, this pup knows a good thing when he sees it. Think he’s excited?

Another Pumpkin Patch Hotspot: England

I’ve noticed a lot of pumpkin patches in England growing in popularity in recent years – I suppose much of that stems from the local food moment, and who wouldn’t want to make a pumpkin pie with pumpkins that you picked yourself? This farm in West Sussex looks to really roll out the red orange carpet when it comes to the fall harvest! The largest pumpkin patch in Europe is actually in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Pumpkins + Wine = Harvest

This gorgeous shot from the King Estate winery near Eugene, Oregon reminds us to check out local vineyards – many host fall-related harvest events, including pumpkin patches and other autumnal wine tastings. Nothing like an excuse to drink and buy wine, right?

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

What’s a photo essay with pictures of pumpkin patches without that classic Peanuts line. Can’t you imagine the great pumpkin storming in from the fog? To get great photographs of pumpkin patches, you might want to try a morning jaunt – a great way to get photos like this.

Last but Not Least… Oh, Canada

I just loved this photo, so I really wanted to include it. But secondly, I didn’t want to leave our good friends up in Canada out, because they have some WONDERFUL pumpkin patch events across the country – the Circle Farm Tour in British Columbia, the *amazing* Halloween celebrations in Montreal (some of the best in the world), or the famed Calgary Corn Maze.

Pictures of Pumpkin Patches Photo Credits: grsing, zampano, steve garfield, mr.donb, st0rmz, mil8, flash716, wallygrom, Don Hankins, calliope, gorbould.

Photo Essay: Incredible Pictures of Pumpkin Patches

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Ready to book your trip? Find the right hotel at the right place with the Plum Deluxe hotel finder.