Photo Essay: Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

Photo Essay: Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

This feature was brought to you by The Home Depot.

Our spring gardening series of inspiration is coming to a close. By far, our most popular feature was our first, the inspirational gardening project ideas to tackle this year.

This whole project has been quite the experience for me, since our patio has been pretty “blah” since we moved in last year. I learned that creating a comfortable, relaxing, and usable outdoor garden space is not only a lot of hard work, it requires planning – from picking plants that are suitable for the space, to budgeting for furniture and lighting (tip: bigger budget!).

The best part, though, is the satisfaction that even if my plants don’t survive beyond the spring, we’ll still have a more cohesive space outdoors to enjoy for ourselves and entertain guests.

I am feeling inspired to take on more outdoor projects, so I thought I’d end this series with some inspirational outdoor spaces that are perfect for a summer project – after all, the summer season is just around the corner.

garden lights

While this image from the Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay, California, reflects the romantic theme desired of weddings held here, the evening ambiance is all in the lighting choices. These are Christmas lights, folks. These can transform an outdoor space; if you don’t want to wrap a tree, you can do something simpler with wine bottles or mason jars.

fire pit

Love this long-exposure shot – it looks like their back yard is on fire! Fire pits can be very expensive, but honestly you do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy a warm, safe fire in your yard. On our upscale upcycle Pinterest board, old dryer drums are a popular choice for containers! Keep it simple because really, all you need is a good spot to put it, and places for folks to sit while their s’mores are warming.

outdoor chair

I love to sit and relax outside, reading a book or having conversations (you know – the stuff we used to do before twitter). We’re going with Adirondack chairs because I love the look, but I share this image because it shows how just a simple “flair” choice of these beachy chairs can give your patio a whole new look. And this is a patio in British Columbia! (Bonus: the photographer, Jennie, shared that she got them 50% off)


I have an obsession with wildflowers. I just love the randomness of the colors and the fun, almost whimsical, feel they have. If we had a larger outdoor space, I’d totally section off a space for wildflowers. I think they’re hard to pull off, as in smaller spaces it starts to look like you’re just too lazy to mow. Choose your seeds wisely, and let the wildflowers roam!

yard art

Yard art can add a bit of depth and zing to an otherwise flat outdoor space. However, to quote our previous Q&A guest and art expert Tessa Papas, “One person’s timeless is another’s crap! Art is so very subjective.“. Indeed. I like using wood or glass outdoors – it is in keeping with the ‘natural’ theme – but you’ll have to choose what works best for you!

Photo Credits: Wonderlane, Chuck Olsen, Jennie Faber, Major Clanger, Carol Von Canon,

This feature was brought to you by Home Depot as part of our spring gardening series.

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Photo Essay: Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

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