5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Surprise Getaway

5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Surprise Getaway

Surprising a significant other with a romantic getaway can be quite fun and poignant. If you happen to be the one doing all the planning, you should expect to have a deliberate plan of action. To pull off such a tremendous feat without getting caught, you need to keep quiet and have a very low profile.

Based on my experiences, I have put together an easy plan of action for you to follow should you attempt such an endeavor.

Step 1: Schedule.

Schedule your time. If you are planning more than just a weekend getaway you will need to call and clear it with your partner’s boss/employer. I find that it is easier to start the getaway on a weekend then– “Surprise, you have the whole week off!” It becomes a sort of double whammy surprise that way.

Step 2: Budget.

Take a look at your budget and decide how much you are willing to spend. You need to think about hotel, food, transportation, entertainment, shipping costs, etc. Then buy a gift card to use for expenses. This way, your partner won’t inadvertently see the purchases on a statement.

Step 3: Location.

Where would your partner like to go? Of those choices, which are in your budget? Find and make the appropriate travel and lodging reservations using your personal email address and/or personal cell phone. That way, there is no way for anyone to contact your partner and risk ruining the surprise. Don’t forget to look into reservations for meals and/or activities.

Step 4: Packing.

This is the tricky part. You need to pack in the morning after your partner has left for work. When you’re done packing, put the luggage in the trunk of your car. Once your partner is home from work, take them “out for a drink” and instead you can drive directly to the airport/train station. Don’t stress about it. If you forget to pack something, it can be easily picked up at your destination. No worries.

Step 5: Breaking the News.

This is up to you when you would like to “come clean.” I personally like to wait until the very last minute. However, if they guess right, I’ll tell them. It’s fun to watch them squirm with anticipation.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is. However, it’s worth it. I planned a surprise birthday trip for my significant other, and I think it was just as much fun for me planning as it was for him to be surprised. I had a great time figuring out little details. For example, I had planned a ski trip so I had Fed Ex’ed his skis, boots, and poles to the hotel ahead of time. I also had all of his close friends send cards to me in the mail. I then bundled them and sent them to the hotel. When we walked into the hotel, there were his skis all set up and the cards were displayed on the hotel table. I had called the hotel ahead of time to tell them I was sending the items and what they were for. They were more than accommodating – most will be if you give them time to make the appropriate arrangements.

I highly suggest taking the leap and planning a surprise trip for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, or perhaps another day/weekend/week this year that they won’t suspect. It will be something that will bring you both closer and an experience you will share forever. It also makes for a great story!

5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Surprise Getaway

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