Open Fires: How to Enjoy a Crackling Blaze Without a Fireplace
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Open Fires: How to Enjoy a Crackling Blaze Without a Fireplace

There are few things cozier in the winter than grabbing a mug of hot tea and your favorite blanket and snuggling up by the fire. But what if you’re one of the many folks who doesn’t have a fireplace in the home? Not to fear — there are several options that will have you feeling toasty in no time.

Open Fire Cover

Candles Light the Night

The easiest way to create a fireplace look-alike is with candles. Grab a bunch of votives or pillars, group them attractively (on a burn-safe surface, of course), and light ‘em up.

For a true fireplace ambiance, use a tiered pillar holder on a table or in a corner, or try out a grouping of realistic log tealight holders. You can even mount your candles on the wall as an art piece.


Bring the Fire Pit Indoors

For true flame-induced luxury without the trouble of installing a full fireplace, consider a mini fire pit. These little guys look chic and provide warmth while placed on your floor or tabletop. Perfect for an indoor hot cocoa and s’mores party while the snowflakes fall outside!

Our favorites include this terrific tabletop number by SmartFurniture as well as this sleek and versatile mini fireplace from Ignis. For a more rustic appeal, the Anywhere Fireplace from Home Depot fits the bill.

And if nothing else will do but that old-fashioned built-in look, try a gel-burning faux fireplace complete with mantel.


Virtual Flames for Your Entertainment

When you absolutely, positively cannot have a real flaming fireplace, the internet shall save you. There are dozens of flicker-worthy apps and videos you can use on your computer, television, or mobile device.

When we lived in our old apartment, the “Fireplace For Your Home” on Netflix was my go-to for holiday parties and general “fireside” lounging. If you’re a little more old school, you can shop for a fireplace dvd or pull up a good old YouTube video on your computer.

For you mobile cats, iTunes has several fireplace apps for your iPad or iPhone — including this one and this one. Android users also have some options, like this one.

Whatever your pleasure, there’s no reason not to cozy up to the fire this winter. I’m already feeling warmer, aren’t you?

Photo credits: Sam Mugraby, SmartFurniture, and Classy Fireplace.

Open Fires: How to Enjoy a Crackling Blaze Without a Fireplace

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