No-Sew Home Décor Projects
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No-Sew Simple: Home Décor Projects for People Afraid of Needle and Thread

Do you ever want to change up the décor of your house but don’t have a great deal of money or time to throw at a new home project? I know this has happened to me. Let’s face it, if we had all the time in the world our houses would be magnificent works of art, but most days we are just lucky if they’re clean and put together. Still, the coming of spring always has us yearning for more, doesn’t it?

DIY pillow cover

Now, I love decorative pillows and matching curtains in fun patterns, but I don’t always like to take the time to sew all of those things. So I thought, “What if I didn’t have to stitch it all together? What if there was a way I didn’t have to sew at all?” And I found it: no-sew tape — the only thing you have to do is iron it on. What a great idea! I swear this project won’t take you longer than a half hour.


I’ll take a few minutes to outline the steps that I went through to make a small throw pillow. To begin, you are going to need:

image 1

No-sew tape
A pillow insert
Cloth to wet for tape


Once you have everything you are going to need, lay out your fabric, pattern side down and folded in half. Place your pillow on top of the fabric and cut a line, leaving two inches on either side, as shown above.


Now, the fabric that I selected was already hemmed on one side, so I only had to hem the other side, but most of you will have to hem both, so just repeat the following steps to both sides. Take your fabric across from your fold, pattern side down, and fold it twice, a half inch each time. Iron this flat (1). Then place the no-sew tape behind the second fold and the back of the fabric (2). Follow the instructions for your no-sew tape. The tape that I used had me place a damp cloth over the area I was ironing and then iron with the cloth in place on both sides (3). Once you have done this, let it sit for about a minute, then do the other side if you weren’t as lucky as me to get pre-hemmed fabric.

image 2
Next, you are going to take the fabric and turn it pattern side up. Place the pillow on the fabric with your original fold line in the middle of the pillow. Fold the two hemmed sides up over the pillow, tightly overlapping them as pictured (4).

Grab your fabric on either side that has not been hemmed and pull until they are both even up the sides of the pillow. Mark the spot on the inside of the fabric with a pencil where the bottom and top flap meet, as shown (5). Be sure to mark both sides, not forgetting to check that your pillow still fits when pulled to where your pencil marks are on both sides.


Take the pillow out once you have done this to both sides. Place the no-sew tape on the outside of your pencil line on both sides and refold your fabric the same way that it was when you had the pillow inside of it (6). Follow your no-sew ironing instructions again. You will need to add a small piece of no-sew tape to either side between the two flaps of the hemmed pillow to hold it down as well. Once you are done this, turn your fabric outside in (7) and you are ready to use your new pillow cover (8).

Now that was easy, wasn’t it? You can follow the same concept for curtains, table cloths, linens, and small throw blankets as well. The sky is the limit when it comes to no-sew tape and the time it affords you to change your environment without breaking the bank or stealing two days of your life. Have fun with it!

All photos courtesy of the author.

No-Sew Simple: Home Décor Projects for People Afraid of Needle and Thread