3 Ways Wine Glasses Don’t Have to be Boring

3 Ways Wine Glasses Don’t Have to be Boring

One of our favorite beverages here at Plum Deluxe HQ at the end of a long day is a glass of wine. (And judging by the amount of sharing and discussion on our previous wine articles, we are not alone.)

We all know that what the wine glass is made of can make a difference to your vino experience. But sometimes, it is useful to change things up. Live a little, as the saying goes. Your wine glasses don’t have to be simple, clear, boring glasses.

wine glasses don't have to be boring

Here are some creative, colorful wine glasses to inspire you and friends while enjoying a sip of your favorite grape. And don’t miss out on our $75 giveaway at the end of this article!

stemless confetti wine glasses

1. Ditch the stem.

Personally, I love stemless glasses. I’m less likely to break them when washing, and I just like the look. Some say that these are not as good for the wine, especially white or rosé, so if you are at a party and having to hold your stemless wine glass for a long period of time, just fill the glass with a bit less wine, or use some wine pearls.

The above confetti wine glasses from Uncommon Goods are a real treat. You’ll feel like you’re drinking out of a piece of art.

color wine glasses

2. Amp up the color.

When I was little, I remember going to my grandmother’s house for sit-down dinners, complete with the fancy china and silver. One of my favorite parts of the meal were the water glasses – these massive, dark cobalt blue glasses that were so heavy. I thought the water tasted like a million bucks, just because of the color of the glass.

It is true that color does impact our sense of taste, and some wine purists wouldn’t dream of coiffing a fine red or white in anything but a clear glass. But I know that sometimes, you need a little pick-me-up, and unless your job is a sommelier, you can skip the over-examination of the wine color for the evening.

These pearl wine glasses from Uncommon Goods are beautiful, and are guaranteed to make you a very happy camper.

european wine glasses

3. Be creative in your definition of “wine glass.”

Here in America, we seem to have become very strict with what a wine glass looks like. But when I lived in Europe, we rarely drank out of the traditional style glasses. “Table wine glasses” as we called them were just more like glass drinking cups, no stem and specailized bowl necessary. In fact, unique glasses can be a conversation piece – wine glasses like these tumblers I found on Amazon (one of our affiliate partners) can be a great conversation starter and a chance to feel like a true European – all you need is some cheese and the good conversation will follow!

The giveaway previously featured here has ended.

Raise Your Glass: $75 of Wine Glasses from Uncommon Goods Giveaway

To help you get that creative spark going, we have partnered with UncommonGoods (one of our favorite online sites – featured heavily in the Plum Deluxe Collections) to give you an opportunity to win $75 to spend on whatever you want from UncommonGood’s robust collection of wine glasses and other wine and entertaining items.

If you haven’t heard of UncommonGoods, you’re in for a treat. The bulk of the items they feature are handmade by artists and designers; they also heavily promote recycled and/or upcycled products. They ensure that their staff and their artisans make a living wage, as well as picking out some fabulous products to be featured.

Maybe you want to splurge on a pair of top shelf colorful tumblers. Or maybe you want to keep it simple with a larger set that will better suit your entertaining style. It doesn’t matter – you get to choose.

3 Ways Wine Glasses Don't Have to be Boring

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