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Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast

Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast for June 2017

Each month, we take a sample from the first batch of our tea of the month club tea, set our intentions, and ask the tea to tell us what we need to know. Tea club members get the full reading, along with lots of other community benefits. Enjoy this summary! This page is updated on/around the 6th of each month.

I began this month’s reading with thoughts of home. It’s a topic that has been present in my mind ever since I crossed the country from Philadelphia to Portland. What is home? Where is it? Who is it with? I think we go through much of our life’s journey searching for home. It can be a bit of a heavy topic, which is quite the contrast to our June tea, a light and fruity-floral ode to celebration and special occasions. At first it struck me as oddly juxtaposed, but pulled together as I continued the reading.

For my circle, I used objects that reminded me of both my old home and my new one: bones in the east for family and friends left behind, lavender in the west for one of Oregon’s much-celebrated crops. The south held a birch candle holder gleaned from a yard in Portland, while a piece of gnarled wood from Pennsylvania sat in the north. In the middle was our tea, lively, happy, and fruity.

When we are searching for home, a lot of things can feel jumbled and strange. Sometimes we need to let go and step back. For the longest time, all I could see in the cup was a giant blob of leaves — nothing made sense or took shape. I finally pulled back long enough to see the big picture: a person in the past/present (bottom and middle of the cup) reaching hands up to grasp an object in the future (top of the cup).

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