Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast
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Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast

Monthly Tea Leaf Forecast for September 2017

Each month, we take a sample from the first batch of our tea of the month club tea, set our intentions, and ask the tea to tell us what we need to know. Tea club members get the full reading, along with lots of other community benefits. Enjoy this summary! This page is updated on/around the 6th of each month.

Welcome to October, my tea club friends! This month’s tea is perfect for the season with its warm, fruity spice. The weather is turning chilly, and this is probably the last reading I’ll be able to do outside for a while. An apple, yellowing oak leaves — these symbols of autumn saw fit to join us. In a dish I burned sage and rosemary from the garden along with a dash of this month’s tea. The moon has had a particularly strong pull for me lately, so I included crystals that had been bathed in full moonlight.

As the season and even the world itself grows dark, let us celebrate the light — and see what the tea leaves have for us this month.

Past: In the bottom of the cup there formed a tableau of a person serving tea to another. Beside them were two more cups, and the person being served reached behind them to beckon a third person to join them. When we are kind to others and give out of the kindness of our hearts, we empower others to share that love and kindness, also. It is a chain reaction that can continue indefinitely, filling the world around us with good instead of evil.

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