Interview: "Travel is about Feelings and Colorful Places"

Interview: "Travel is about Feelings & Discovering Colorful Places…"

We kicked off the month by exploring what to do in the city of Copenhagen. It’s one of my favorite European capitals, and along with its Scandinavian neighbors, is definitely a year-round destination with tons of sweet and savory treats to try.

Today, I’d like to get an insider perspective on Scandinavia with a Copenhagen local, Martin Lumbye who is a Partner at the travel startup Momondo.

You’re based in Copenhagen, which earlier this month we’ve been exploring – a city with great sense of style and design. Tell me, what are a few of your favorite experiences to be enjoyed in the city?

Copenhagen is such a livable city. I really enjoy that the city represents a combination of brave new architecture and historical eminence.

A good example is the Royal Library with the Black Diamond (pictured below) – a characteristic black building with sharp edges reflecting the water of the harbor. The building strikingly contrasts with the old library buildings in the city, but I appreciate the beauty of these contrasts. All in all the waterfront of Copenhagen is one of my favorite places to visit with all its ambitious architecture, small recreational spots and pedestrian and bike-friendly areas.

Copenhagen has also become a gastronomy capital. Right now, for example, Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant is currently recognized as the world’s best restaurant and its chef Rene Redzepi, is recognized as the world’s best chef, and that is definitely something to be proud of. In fact, Momondo’s team and I were so inspired by Noma that we agreed to co-publish a guidebook to Copenhagen, called Copenhagen From Noma and Momondo that features the hidden gems of the Danish capital city as selected by Noma’s 40+ international staff members.

royal library copenhagen

Talk to me about your work with color-association and travel, which I find really interesting. How did you come up with this concept? What”color” do you typically travel?

Travel is much more than a cheap flight and a practical guidebook – travel is about feelings and discovering all those colorful places in the world. We found out that colors can evoke a wide-range of feelings and that each color can be combined with specific emotions. With the use of colors, we have made it possible for consumers to navigate by ambiance and mood and plan a trip according to the feelings they wish to evoke.

I travel a lot on business, which is related to the color blue, but when I travel with my family, I navigate by the green color, which represents all that’s fun, active and child-friendly.

Andy: I’m more of the cultural green too, as shown below. So cool!
momondo color wheel

What’s been your most inspirational travel experience?

Traveling is no longer reserved for the few, but it has become a commodity. Our generation has so many opportunities when it comes to travel, and our travel patterns reflect these opportunities. I have been very privileged in my jobs and have traveled all around the world. I truly enjoy discovering new places, experiencing other cultures and meeting interesting people. I get really inspired by great cities such as Bangkok, New York and Paris.

Thanks Martin for joining us – your passion for travel is infectious!

Interview: "Travel is about Feelings & Discovering Colorful Places..."

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