Let’s Hear It for Loud Lipsticks!

Let’s Hear It for Loud Lipsticks!

From age four to, well, now, I have loved to watch my mother “get ready.” For anything. As a little girl, I used to lay on this big shaggy bath mat and watch her pencil in her lips and then carefully pick out the perfect shade of coral, blood orange, or deep red lipstick to sport for the rest of the day.

One of my fondest childhood memories is from an afternoon spent in Saks Fifth Avenue on Hilton Head Island. I was nine years old and my mom had a personal stylist, Lauren, shop for her. When Lauren was finished with the clothing aspect, Mom and I had our makeup done… lipstick and all!

Loud Lipsticks cover

I’m not sure when we switched to gloss and abandoned bright hues of lipsticks, but I’m a huge advocate of the latter. Maybe it has to do with modesty or wanting to blend in. Come to think of it, I do hear many women say that they don’t want to “call attention” to themselves — especially with something flashy like bright lipstick or a piece of statement jewelry. This is a foreign concept for me; I don’t understand what that whole blending in thing is about.

Why and When Does Lipstick Come Into Play?

In the first post I wrote for Plum Deluxe, I talked about building an ensemble around a neutral item and then adding a pop of color (like a funky belt) and a texture (like an animal print). When you start with a neutral, you’re really adding onto a blank palette. Why and when does lipstick come into play? Lipstick comes in as the one thing that calls attention to your facial features; it makes your teeth looks whiter and brighter and makes you feel like a boss.


I’ve realized over the past year or so that I wear a lot of ivory, brown, and denim in the fall, black in the winter, and then back to ivory, beige, and white in the summer and spring. The easiest way to add color into my palette of neutrals is lipstick! I could wear the same all-neutral outfits every day if I just mix in different accent colors with jewelry, a few fun scarves, and a bright, punchy shade of lipstick.

How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick

The cost of lipstick varies in accordance with brand name, moisturizing content, and the length of time that it stays on. I have some MAC, some Bobbi Brown, and a few tubes of Chanel lip glosses, but after that it’s mostly CoverGirl and Revlon (I love Maybelline for mascara!). Start with the cheaper tubes when you’re trying to find the perfect hue (orange versus pink versus red versus brown) for you.

Here’s a little sample of how different one person can look with a different color of lipstick:


Remember, as your skin changes color, ever so slightly, from season to season, you will want to shift the color of your lipstick. When I’m super tan in the summer, I go for something more subdued, like a soft coral or a light pink. In the early spring, a border-line-light-neon pink is my favorite.

My main suggestion is that you do not buy any kind of lipstick that has a glittery sheen to it. In my experience, the color wears off and you’re left with these horrid little flakes on your lips. We do not have time for such trivial issues as this, friends.

Whatever shade you choose, remember that lipstick is an accessory that can highlight your features and build confidence.


Photo Credits: TaniaSaiz, stylehasnosize.com,girlmeetsglam.com, author

Let’s Hear It for Loud Lipsticks!

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