Laps of Luxury: Navigating the Space Between Blue Jeans and Pajamas
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Laps of Luxury: Navigating the Space Between Blue Jeans and Pajamas

Loungewear. When you hear that word, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Ratty sweats you’ve had since college? Oversized pajamas that just never make it to the Goodwill donation bag? Well, there is a whole other life to loungewear that can actually add a little style to your downtime.

Luxury cover

Add Color

First, let’s talk color. Yes, we all love that heather gray, but there is a rainbow of variety out there to be had. One of my favorites for color selection would be Cosabella. Their Talco collection offers such an array of colors that vary from season to season. Deep plums and greens were the tops from fall/winter, and this spring/summer brings out a bright hot Miami pink that will have you booking a flight to South Beach ASAP! All of the Talco collection is a viscose blend that just feels so smooth and silky to the touch, and all is still manufactured in Italy, where the company began 30 years ago.

BTS-cami-boyshort resized

Feel Good

Now let’s talk about touch. Fabrics such as spun polys and combed cottons beautifully marry that soft feel with extra easy care. My go-to choice for the touch of luxury is Between the Sheets, designed by Layla L’Obatti. This indie designer, based out of New York (this collection is designed, manufactured, warehoused and shipped all from the Big Apple), knows just what it takes to make cozy yet stylish lounge wear.

“Loungewear should be an extension of your daily wear,” L’Obatti says, “meaning it’s something that you wouldn’t mind being caught picking up the newspaper in. The same cannot be said about cow printed pjs or a ruffled nightie. In many cases it can pull double duty and work with jeans or an oversized sweater in the way that a typical pair of pajamas or nightgown cannot, while still being soft and unrestricting enough that you can curl up to a movie or go to bed in.”

BTS-Venus-window2 resized

The tag line for Between the Sheets’ newest collection, Venus in Play, says it all: fall in love with your downtime. Available in Ambrosia, Olympian Blue, and, yes, Heather Gray, this mix and match set includes pants, tee, babydoll, and shorts – all in a luxurious knit that just melts to your body and is adorned with a faint lace detail. BTS offers other lounge wear collections including Well Played, Playdate, and Come Out & Play, which are all made with modal blended fabrics and are available in a variety of color choices.

So, when it comes to loungewear, don’t just settle – have your cake and eat it, too!

All images courtesy of Between the Sheets

Laps of Luxury: Navigating the Space Between Blue Jeans and Pajamas

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