Keeping in Touch while On the Road

Keeping in Touch while On the Road

Sometimes we have to travel solo, without our partner or our children. Or maybe you aren’t going along but you are leaving someone special behind for awhile.  Whether you’re gone for a week or a month, sometimes that is hard.  Or maybe you’ve not travelled as much as you want because you are scared/worried/afraid of leaving someone behind.

I’d like to encourage you to embrace those feelings.  But instead of spending your trip in a funk, I want you to put those feelings into a place that will actually make your trip even better.  Travel more…and keep in touch with these tips.

1. Send a Postcard

I must be the only person out there who doesn’t still think postcards are damn cool.  If you want to get my attention, send me a postcard 🙂  It’s so much more personable to get a photograph with some handwritten thoughts than a casual Twitter picture.  And yes, while the postcard isn’t your shot, I still think choosing some of the pictures (including cheesy ones) is a lot of fun, and makes for a great souvenir for the person who didn’t get to go.  Don’t forget to find a fun stamp too!

2. Keep a Journal

We’ve talked about travel journals before – from the reasons why to carry a travel journal, to how to write a better travel journal.  But a journal is a wonderful place to talk about your feelings and emotions.  Instead of spending your trip in a cloud of restlessness, put all of those emotions into there.  The act of putting pen to paper helps, trust me, and you’ll have a document that you can go back to and appreciate how you were feeling.  You can even share it with your partner or loved one as well.

3. Go Souvenir Shopping

Along the same vein as postcards, finding the perfect souvenir for someone can also be a ton of fun – particularly if the person you are shopping for is perfect for the most garish, horrible thing you can find, and in many countries there are plenty of choices.  In Scotland you have the kilt towel, in Australia you have various kangaroo bits, and no doubt there’s a little bit of everything in between.  Have a laugh while thinking about people back home, and bring them back a little slice of your travels.

4. Write a Letter

If a postcard just isn’t enough to say what you need to say, then write a letter.  It worked for thousands of years, so don’t overlook the difference writing a letter can have versus sending yet-another-email.  With a letter, you have a lot of the benefits as you do with a travel journal – a document you can look at, physically hold, and keep if you want.  And like getting a postcard, there’s nothing that says “thinking of you” more than getting something in the mail that isn’t a credit card application.

5. Skype ‘Em

Last but not least, if you just can’t bear to not hear your special someone’s voice while you are away, then you need to get yourself a download of Skype.  If you aren’t familiar with it, Skype is a “VoIP” program – Voice over Internet Protocol – meaning your call is connected across the Internet, not the phone network.  It’s very cheap to call from anywhere, to anywhere – calls are as little as a couple of dollars an hour.  You can even download Skype onto your smartphone and connect via Wifi – you wouldn’t know you are thousands of miles away.

How do you keep in touch with home when you’re feeling a bit vulnerable and a long way from home?

Keeping in Touch while On the Road

Andy Hayes

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