Loosen Up: A Free Guide on How to Enjoy Tea

Loosen Up: A Free Guide on How to Enjoy Tea

Want to learn more about tea, but don't know where to start?
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an introductory guide on how to enjoy tea

We've taken all the most common questions we've received from Plum Deluxe tea customers and compiled them into an easy-breezy guide, Loosen Up! A Relaxed Introductory Guide to Loose Leaf Tea.

In this free download, you'll understand how to:

  • upgrade your tea experience with organic, loose leaf teas
  • explore the difference between black, white, green, and 'red' tea
  • know what herbal "tisane" teas are
  • use tea for cooking
  • research the tools you need to maximize your tea enjoyment, from mugs to tea bags to kettles
  • store tea safely to keep it fresh
  • discover tea flavors that you'll like

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