How to Cover Up Your Style Boo-boos

Stealthy & Stylish: How to Cover Up Your Style Boo-boos In a Nanosecond

If you’re anything like me, timeliness is not your strong suit. I’ve gotten to the point where I have to set an alarm for “five minutes until I have to leave… it’s time to leave… if you don’t leave now you’re going to be sorry” — that’s three alarms to really keep me in check.

We all want to look like we have it all together, but let’s be real: there are days when we rush out the door so quickly (tote bag, lunch, bag of returns, umbrella and gym bag in tow) that coffee spills and deodorant markings down the blouse are inevitable, if not standard.

Wardrobe cover

Now, the last thing you have time for when these mishaps occur is a trip to the drug store where you will more than likely frantically purchase one or several items that may or may not work on your hopefully reparable, fixable, clean-able item.

Here are a few items to stealthily stow away in your Style Survival Pouch (which hopefully looks something like this).

tide to go pens: Keep this in your style survival pouch (I’d even say keep an extra in your car) for fresh food and drink stains. Works best when used right away!

Hollywood tape: Okay, whoever invented this is probably living in Hollywood now, so cheers to that gal. This is more or less glorified double-stick-tape but it’s made for fabrics and therefore worth the extra few bucks to get the real deal. The tape is perfect for a deep-plunge neckline that exposes your bra at inopportune times or to hold up a hemline that’s suddenly come unraveled. Truthfully, unless it’s a very stiff, thick fabric, I would use Hollywood Tape over safety pins 96% of the time. Safety pins are far more visible and far more likely to rip a hole in your garment.


Dryer sheets for static electricity: Stuff a few in a Ziplock baggie and whip ‘em out when your blouse, dress, or skirt gets a little too clingy. I know that that’s what “slips” are for, but I really have no time or interest in purchasing a different undergarment for every potentially clingy item that I own. Dryer sheets it is!

Lint roller: This is a standard, obviously! Most supermarkets and drugstores have mini ones, too. Look, you can get a pack of four for under $10 on Amazon.

Deodorant stain remover: Many websites will tell you that a make-up sponge will take care of the deodorant markings that obnoxiously surface well after you’ve left your home (that’s just the way it works, right?), but I prefer to use baby wipes. Baby wipes have the moisture factor goin’ on so it glides over the fabric — unlike a sponge, which can flake off into the fabric.


Fab Feet from Target:  This little foot-lovin’ bundle will definitely keep your feet comfy and (hopefully) blister-free on those long-hours-in-heels kind of days.

Modern women of the world, rejoice — there’s a solution for everything these days! But if I’ve forgotten any style-saving techniques, head over to the Plum Deluxe Facebook page and clue us in!

Photo credits: author, camary, and Markusram.

Stealthy & Stylish: How to Cover Up Your Style Boo-boos In a Nanosecond

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