How to Beat Allergies with Natural Remedies

How to Beat Allergies with Natural Remedies

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When it comes to my health, I really dislike pills, almost to the point of phobia – but for good reason, as it seems like everything I take creates some new problem. Benadryl is probably the worst; I have a severe allergy to cats, and this is often the medicine handy, and taking just one makes me terribly drowsy and nauseated.

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This past weekend, I read Martha Stewart’s latest book, Living the Good Long Life. It was such a refreshing perspective on clearing the ‘junk‘ out of our lives, and one of the underlying messages was about natural remedies: natural foods, natural cleaning products, and natural medicines!

Today, I’d like to share some of the natural remedies I’ve found for various allergy annoyances and ailments.  I hope you’ll find something that helps you.

neti pot

Clear Out Those Sinuses With Saline.

You know that feeling when a head cold or allergy is steaming your way – that burning feeling inside your nostrils?  Ugh, it is the worst. I’ve found that a good dose of saline solution to clear out those sinuses works wonder.  You don’t have to buy anything – you can just make some salt water and use it – the saltier the better!

It’s awkward, but you should also consider getting a neti pot if you have a lot of ongoing sinus issues. It’s basically just a ceramic pot that helps you use the saline solution or water to clear out your sinuses.  (This video shows you how to use one if you aren’t familiar.)

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Use Natural Oils and Extracts Liberally.

Corrine recently shared some of her proven aromatherapy tricks; I’m a big fan, and natural oils & extracts do not need to be just for spa treatments.  Peppermint is very clarifying, no matter if you inhale it, get a skin-based treatment, or drink it in your tea.  The only thing better is a cup of ginger tea!  However, for the best allergy remedy, I always go with eucalyptus oil in the shower or bath – The Soap Kitchen has great peppermint & eucalyptus bath products.

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Last, but not least, is a new product to me, ZarBee’s.  This is a product that uses the extract of butterbur root (Ze 339) as a natural alternative to other allergy products.   With no weird side affects, this product seems effective – my allergies haven’t been bad this month, but we’ll see when the leaves start falling.  However, I wanted to research this root; I found some compelling research by David Rakel, MD, founder and director of the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine Program.   He states that butterbur, “of all the allergy supplements, has the best evidence behind it.

If you’re like me and can’t stand the weird side affects of traditional allergy pills, try some of these remedies – then share below what remedies work best for you!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by Plum Deluxe on behalf of ZarBee’s. The opinions and text are all the author’s.

How to Beat Allergies with Natural Remedies

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