How to Be Gluten Free On-the-Go

How to Be Gluten Free On-the-Go

We already know it’s possible to treat yourself when you’re gluten free, but what about traveling? There might not always be access to gluten free food on the road or in the air, but with a little preparation you can take good care of yourself.

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Gather the Basics

For the frequent gluten free traveler, a well-stocked supply of non-perishables is a must. Fruit and proteins such as individually-wrapped cheese sticks are also excellent. Keep these on hand and use them to create on-the-go kits for different types of travel.

It’s also a good idea to keep digestive enzymes with you in case you accidentally eat some gluten on the road. They won’t make everything better, but they can move things through your system more easily as well as help prevent symptoms from cross-contamination.

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Grab and go

Now that you have your supplies at the ready, you can easily assemble your gluten free travel kits. Below are four different types of trips and my recommendations for food preparation.

Day Tripping: Grab a handful of granola bars, a GoPicnic meal if you’ll be out all day, and some enzymes, and you’re good to go. I call this my “basic” kit and always keep it in my purse or car.

Overnight Stays: Take your basic day trip kit and add a few things — like granola and a piece of fruit — for breakfast the next morning. Tossing in some gluten free cookies for a late-night snack isn’t a bad plan, either. Pick up an individual-sized carton of milk along the way.

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Road Trips: One of my favorites! Road tripsi take a little more planning, but it’s worth it to have peace of mind (or peace of stomach, as it were). Think about how many days you’ll be away and chart out a basic meal plan for each day. You’ll want something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a few snacks. Pretend you won’t find food anywhere else and you’ll be sure to have more than enough.

For instance, I usually calculate one GoPicnic meal for each day, two pieces of fruit per day, one loaf of Udi’s bread and one small jar of peanut butter per week, and a bag of granola for every three days. I also pack granola bars and gluten free cookies, and I take a small cooler and ice pack for things like cheese and milk. You may want to snag some plastic utensils and disposable bowls, too, just in case.

In the Air: Flying is a beast unto itself and requires that you condense as much as possible for the sake of space. That means the GoPicnic meals are probably out. However, you should be able to get away with granola bars and cheese sticks in your carry on — especially helpful if your airline doesn’t offer a gluten free meal option. Don’t forget your digestive enzymes! They’ll help with any travel-related nausea, too. Tuck bread, cookies, and bags of granola into your checked luggage and pick up milk, peanut butter, and fruit when you land.

(Final tip: don’t miss Christina’s useful guide to flying versus driving.)

Editorial Disclosure:  The author was provided samples of some of the products featured here for the purposes of a review. The views expressed here are 100% the authors – your tastebud experiences may vary.

How to Be Gluten Free On-the-Go

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