How My View of Travel Has Changed

How My View of Travel Has Changed

Recently, an interviewer asked me the following question:

Now that you’re in the tourism business, how has your view of travel changed?

I understood where the question was going, but perhaps what I think the reviewer failed to appreciate is that my travel lifestyle has undergone a number of metamorphoses over the past 33 years (Yes, I am 33 as of right now). The idea hadn’t really crossed my mind, but I’ve been pondering it the last few days and I thought I’d share with you those thoughts.

SQUEEE: Childhood

As a child, we did travel. But not every often. And not very far. With little money and little time off, it just wasn’t in the cards. I learned to embrace it, which meant savouring every experience and even the most mundane of trips became an adventure. Haven’t you ever been somewhere new and just wanted to SQUEEE at the newness and surreal-ness of it. That’s what Travel More feels like, smells like, looks like, tastes like.

The First Taste of Adventure

It wasn’t until halfway through university that I really had my first outrageous travel adventure. I talked above it during my interview with Jeremy – it was a trip to Aruba, but we didn’t have much cash, so we pulled together this strange itinerary of unsavoury airlines, bargain deal accommodations, and had the time of our lives. I was hooked. Travel More was in my veins.

Too Much Travel Almost Killed Me

Bet that subheading made you look. 😉 But it’s true. When I got out of University, my job was in software – consulting on various types of tech “stuff.” But that wasn’t a desk job – it was a client facing job. One of those ones where you are on the road every week. Every week. Sometimes I would fly three times a week.

This was all very novel at first – it was at 30 thousand feet and 300 thousand miles a year that I got . I learned all of the secrets that Chris Guillebeau put into his Frequent Flyer Mastermind kit (good read – that’s why we are an affiliate). I knew every trick in the book for arriving at an airport with 30 minutes to spare and still making the flight. I knew where to find decent food and I mastered the ability to fall asleep on the airplane before the aircraft door was shut, and waking only when we touched down on the other end.

The novelty soon faded, as we all know what the traveling public is like. Security got really messy after 9/11, passengers got grumpier, airlines got rid of more legroom. It all got too much, and I ended up moving into another company but same job where the travel was a bit more manageable (more for fun, less for business).

Travel as a Travel Writer

Now, I’m sometimes paid to travel, or when I’m travelling I’m working. It’s not the idyllic paradise one might think – there’s a balance that must be struck between seeing things I personally am interested in as well as experiences that you, my lovely lovely readers might also enjoy (these two things don’t always overlap). There’s that tricky editorial policy we have, which means I tell the truth about what I see and experience – and sometimes that isn’t easy.

But, most of all, I travel because I’ve chosen to do so. And I’ve seen it all. I know what it’s like to be scared and afraid and feeling out of balance all at once. I learned all of the tricks the hard way and found out what rules you can break and what ones you can’t (shouldn’t). I travelled to the point of exhaustion, and returned from the brink to tell the story.

And that, my friend, is the long answer to, how has my view of travel changed. If you’re new to travel, trust me, your view will change too – mostly for the good. You’ll find out what experiences you love, things that you hate, and an appreciation for the good and bad of the world of travel.

Photo Credit: vastateparkstaff, Creativity103,John Cohen

How My View of Travel Has Changed

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