Is Your Wallet Red? How Chakras and Color Can Make Your Life Better

Is Your Wallet Red? How Chakras and Color Can Make Your Life Better

When you’re out shopping, do you find yourself drawn to the same colors? Everyone has their go-to colors, the ones they feel best in. My mom likes coral and lavender. I’m usually decked out in red or aqua, and my partner is happy with anything that’s forest green.

Did you ever wonder why you love some colors so much?

How Chakras and Color Can Make Your Life Better

Maybe It’s Your Chakras

Chakras are those mysterious whirling circles that you probably heard about in yoga. These little dynamos enable your spiritual side to experience the tangible world. Chakras work like lungs, breathing the world’s energy in and breathing your energy out. Everything around you impacts your spirit, including and especially color.

While you have hundreds of chakras located all over your body, chakra practitioners tend to focus on the seven primary chakras. The seven primaries reside in the core of your body, from your tailbone to the top of your head. Each of these chakras has a metaphoric domain, an area of life that they are here to support.

So, for example, the first chakra (found between your tail bone and hip bones) helps you to feel safe, abundant, and like the universe supports you. The first chakra is about family, tribe, and wisdom. It’s also about blood and bones. And its favorite color is red.

How Chakras and Color Can Make Your Life Better

Chakras Apply Color to Content

So, let’s say that you grew up with a sense of scarcity. Perhaps your family (like my family) were farmers who eked out a small crop to survive the great depression. Maybe you struggle sometimes and feel like you don’t have enough.

Both of these areas — abundance and family stories — reside in that first chakra. It’s common for ancestral stories to impact a person’s ability to work positively with money.

Often, your chakras are asking for the color before you even know that you are ready to make a change.

About the time that I started to work on my issues around abundance and family, I craved red. I had never been drawn to red before, but now I was picking it up wherever I went. I bought a red wallet. I wore red jewelry. It just felt good.

I was supporting my first chakra, and it was supporting me. It wasn’t just a magic feather for me to believe in while I made changes; I felt grounded and capable.

A few weeks after I bought my red wallet, I noticed a 25% jump in client appointments. A few months later, I went to the casino with some friends and won $5,000 on a slot machine. I’d only played slots once before that. It was so weird. And then one night my brother called, just to say “Hi,” and I found myself connecting with my family.

The red helped more than I imagined it ever could.

wHow Chakras and Color Can Make Your Life Better

Changing Your Life

Can you use colors to make any part of your life better?


Because the spirit is tightly integrated with your mind and body, the chakra system supports your physical and mental health. Your body and mind can support your spirit by supporting the chakras. How you exercise, what you eat, how you think — everything you do affects your chakras.

The easiest way to support chakras is with color.

Here’s how to start: Think about the colors that you love, and notice which chakras they support. Pay attention to the aspects of life that correlate with these chakras.

Then, think of a color that you radically dislike. The colors you don’t like tend to correlate with a part of your life that needs some attention. Find a version of that color that you can live with, and put it in your life somewhere.

You can wear color, work with color (knitting anyone?), or just put it in your field of vision. I like to wear the color on the part of the body where the chakra lives (like a turquoise scarf or orange underwear).

Here’s the list of primary chakras, their location, metaphoric domain, and related color!

How Chakras and Color Can Make Your Life Better

If you’re ready for change and you need a little help, a dose of color to your chakras is a quick and easy solution.

All images courtesy of author.

Is Your Wallet Red? How Chakras and Color Can Make Your Life Better

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