I’m Going to Tokyo

I’m Going to Tokyo

While I think I’m more of a hotel geek these days, I’m also a huge aviation geek – perhaps I’m nostalgic for those glory days of flying. You know, the ones that ended before I was ever old enough to actually fly.

I’m writing this post today from an airplane, and I’m here to tell you that flying is not the most glamorous of activities. But some airlines have managed to keep it classy, and All Nippon Airlines (ANA) is one of those. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that I am an ANA Ambassador for their new Seattle-Tokyo direct route.

Flying Dreams

ana boeing dreamliner

The SEA-NRT route is already for sale using existing ANA equipment (flights starting in just a couple of weeks), but it will soon be served by Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. Having been to the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington, I’ve already learned a lot about the Dreamliner, and I cannot wait to tell you more. The plane keeps the interior of the cabin at a lower pressure and more moisture in the air, making you more comfortable in flight. The plane also has some unique lighting features which will help passengers beat jet lag.

(Total airplane geek?  Then check out all the specs in detail, including video.)

Sneak Preview

dreamliner interior

Thursday (the 28th), I will be traveling up to Seattle to get a sneak preview of the Dreamliner at Boeing’s Customer Experience Center, as well as hopefully mingle with some of the ANA team and get their insights on things to do in Tokyo. (Yes, you can “see” the Dreamliner in Everett, but those planes are works-in-progress, so there’s no touching or walking around inside one).

To follow along with the event, just check out our hashtag on twitter: #ANASEA.

Tokyo, Here we Come

I’ll be traveling with Mary Jo Manzanares, editor of fellow value luxury travel magazine The Traveler’s Way. As one of the world’s most expensive cities, we are looking forward to tackling the city head-on, finding the best experiences on a value -orientated budget, all the while sticking to a rather strict timetable, as we’ll only be in the city less than a week.

Mary Jo and I have already started our Tokyo travel planning via our Tokyo Pinterest board. Ramen noodles, temples in forests, and skyscraper views? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Editorial Disclosure: While the author has a financial relationship with ANA, this relationship does not affect the opinions (and excitement) expressed above.

I'm Going to Tokyo

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