Mother of Mine: Gifts for Mom Any Time of the Year

Mother of Mine: Gifts for Mom Any Time of the Year

Mother’s Day is almost here. Have you found that perfect gift yet? No? I don’t blame you. Since February I’ve read at least two dozen compiled lists of perfect gifts for that dear, sweet lady whom I call Mom. None of them have suggested anything just right, though. It all just seemed too commercial, too impersonal. And what about if you don’t have your mom anymore, but have someone who is a motherly influence (the good kind)?

Yes, it is a bit last minute, but sometimes perfection takes time. Following are my (plum) deluxe picks for sincere and personal ways to say “thanks, Mom” — any time of the year.

Mother Cover

Because she helped you bloom and grow

Yes, those brightly colored commercial flower arrangements are appealing, but they’re a little, well, commercial. For those wanting to make a personal statement with flowers why not take a cue from the Victorian tradition of assigning each flower a meaning. Order or assemble a customized bouquet using flowers with sentimental attachment and personal meaning. Add a sweet note explaining why you chose each bloom — a statement that will last long after the actual blossoms fade away.

wreaths (1)

If you’re bothered by the idea that your gift won’t last, forgo the fresh arrangement in favor of a dried wreath, such as the ones by Williams Sonoma pictured above. Choose something that matches her décor or personal style, or incorporate flora of personal significance.

If your mom is the type to get her hands dirty, consider signing her up to receive new seeds each month. Red Envelope offers a 12-month set sent all at once so she can pot twelve flowers now or dole them out month by month. Cubits and Mike the Gardener offer subscriptions to a variety of seasonal vegetable and herb seeds, as well.


Because she has such good taste

Maybe she cooked it all from scratch, maybe she got the best Thai takeout because they knew her by name, or maybe she just taught you to know good food wherever it came from. The point is, she always made sure you ate when you should and now it is time to return the favor.

I love my Wildtree consultant because she always helps me put together the best cooking bundles. The certified organic company offers a variety of flavored oils, spice blends, meal starters, and more. Design a gift basket that combines some of Mom’s favorite flavors as well as a few new things to add some spice to life.

Whether she needs to wake up or wind down, your mom will definitely get something out of a nice “cuppa.” Check out Blue Moon Tea and Tea Forté for fabulous gourmet teas that can be bought individually or in sweet gift sets. If, like me, “Mommy doesn’t see in color ‘til she’s had her coffee in the morning,” shop around for some rich, fair-trade java beans. The fresher the bean, the better the coffee, so try to purchase from a roaster close by.

Just like flowers, wine has seasons. Send your love in a bottle (or two). Sites such as offer monthly delivery so you can help Mom pair the perfect red with this season’s fresh produce, or introduce her to her new favorite vineyards around the world.


Because she “doesn’t want a thing”

Despite your suspicions to the contrary, your mom is probably being genuine when she says she doesn’t want anything. So don’t get her a thing; give her an experience, preferably one you can have together. Everything will be crowded come May 12, so consider scheduling your activity for a less busy (and overpriced) weekend.

Go get yourselves some class. Scrapbooking, photography, cooking, whatever! Find something that she’s always wanted to do and go do it! Together. I love the freedom Alisa Burke encourages with her art pieces, and over at the Brouhaha, Amy is jealously eyeing a few flower arranging workshops.

Take it outside. In most of the U.S. the weather is delightful. Plan a retro-themed Mother’s Day Out with miniature golf and ice cream on the boardwalk. Pack a picnic and rent bikes to ride along the beach or go on a nature walk. Float the river. Sign up for a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo. Go! Do! Enjoy!

Even if you don’t do it on Mother’s Day, sit down and have a meal together. Treat mom like a queen at high tea. Watch the world go by during brunch at that quaint downtown café she loves. Keep it close to home by hiring a chef to come cook a divine dinner right in your kitchen.

Whether you are near or far it really is the thought that counts, and there are so very many ways to tell Mom how much you think of her. It doesn’t always to have to happen on the nationally designated “Mother’s Day,” but be sure you pick a day and make sure it does happen. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go call my mom.

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Mother of Mine: Gifts for Mom Any Time of the Year

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