10 “Tins” to Indulge In: Gift Boxes You’ll Love to Give

10 “Tins” to Indulge In: Gift Boxes You’ll Love to Give

For me, the end of the year has always signaled the season of indulgence. First came Halloween candy followed by pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, then December came bearing the tastiest treat of all — a plaid box full of dried meat products, cheese-flavored spreads, and iced petits fours! I looked forward to those “snack assortments,” compliments of my grandfather, all year long. Those and the tri-flavored popcorn tins my mom got from her boss every holiday season. After all, Christmas was the only time of year I got to indulge in caramel corn and imitation cheese.

Gift tins cover

But all that was once upon a few decades ago. My tastes have since changed and expanded. Luckily, so has the variety of gift tins (or boxes or baskets.) Check out my list of deluxe gift sets.

spic and span

For the Home

A six pack of spic and span packed in a bamboo caddy, compliments of Williams Sonoma.
Red envelope offers a way you can help a loved one blossom.
A better gift basket leads to better taste in beer.

big man

For the Body

Nicely tell someone he needs to Klean up his act.
Yoga is a present for the mind, body, and soul.

popcorn seasoning

For the Belly

Gourmet popcorn seasoning from Purpose Design.
Cheryl and Company cookie tin towers.
Beautifully nostalgic Christmas treats from Red Envelope.

bummer basket

For a Bad Day

Take your pick from a variety of gift packs that say, “I totally feel your pain.”

At heart I suppose I’m a tin traditionalist because that World Market popcorn up there looks really good, but I wouldn’t mind indulging in a wider range of assorted goodies, either.

Photo credits: World Market, Williams Sonoma, KleanSpa, Purpose Design, and Bummer Baskets.

10 “Tins” to Indulge In: Gift Boxes You’ll Love to Give

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