Gardening Themed Journaling Prompts
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Gardening Themed Journaling Prompts

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow?”

We’ve all heard this little rhyme. But, have you considered the metaphors that gardening provides in life? When we moved recently into our new house, it had a garden and it was the first time I had a garden since I was a child.

I started a section in my journal and kept track for six months of all the “lessons” that gardening was teaching me. There were plenty; the ups and downs of the garden translate quite nicely into the trials and celebrations of life.

Based on those notes, I thought I’d share with you a set of gardening-themed journal prompts to help inspire you this spring — whether you have a garden or not!

garden themed journaling prompts

The most important elements for my growth right now are…

The area in my life where I need to be planting seeds right away is…

Right now it is time to harvest…

Sitting quietly in the garden, Mother Nature wants me to know…

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Gardening Themed Journaling Prompts

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