Plum Deluxe Philanthropy & Fellowship Fund

The Plum Deluxe Philanthropy & Fellowship Fund is the charitable/altruistic arm of Plum Deluxe. We divert a percentage of our annual profits (approx 1%) to support efforts in making our world a better place and helping create moments that matter for those less fortunate and less privileged.

We focus on specific projects and causes in our local community, in our customers’ communities, and in the international communities where our product ingredients are sourced. We also connect our community members with opportunities to get involved in these efforts – not only can you support us by buying our products, but sign up for our our weekly newsletter to stay updated on our positivity projects.

Currently, we only accept donation requests and project suggestions from our tea of the month club members. (If you’re a club member, check the member’s portal for submission info.)

Recent Projects

Photos are still forthcoming by for the holidays 2018, we supported the Milk +
Bookies non-profit that helps young children get excited about books, as well as classroom projects in both Elk Grove, CA and Church Rock, NM.
infuser tea set

Blending Joy

In 2015/16, we created a tea called The Joy Blend; portions of each sale going to The Joy Team, a non-profit dedicated to promoting positivity – and in Feb 2017 we also had a featured bilboard with our own message. We featured the Joy Team founder on our podcast.

tea gifts

Cocoa for Christmas

We love created moments that matter for others, and so it was an honor to be the lead donor to support Ms. Walker’s class in Mississippi in having a hot cocoa party for Christmas. Those logs might be fake, but those chocolatey smiles warmed our heart!

Sunday Tea Social

We were happy to provide the teas for the African-American Cultural Center’s 6th annual mother-daughter tea in Buffalo, NY. Monies from the fundraiser go to support local children’s programs. As we like to say, there’s always time for tea!

tea gifts

Letters for the Elderly

We partnered with Love for the Elderly to send people housebound in nursing homes valentine’s letters and cards – our entire community participated (over 3k letters sent!) and we also donated tea to the “Sunshine” surprise gift boxes.

tea gifts

Comments for a Cause

We partnered with tea club member Beth at ItsJustLife.Me to sponsor her Comments for a Cause in April 2017 with a donation to Free Little Library foundation. Yay, books!