Find a Reason to Celebrate in 2011

Find a Reason to Celebrate in 2011

Right about this time last year, our superhero lifestyle-guru friend Alex Fayle wrote an article titled “Make 2010 a Travel More Year.” Did you? (Travel More, that is.)

Specifically, though, Alex did not just tell you to go out and book a flight just because. That’s not the spirit of travel more – it’s about great tourism experiences, not just travel for the sake of it. Here’s part of Alex’s article that I’d like you to join me in taking just a minute to reflect on:

As we come up to the New Year, many people start thinking about resolutions, like losing weight, travelling more, or chasing other dreams. Others reject resolutions, saying that they just set up unreal expectations and that the change in the calendar means nothing other than the advancing of time.

Whatever your attitude it, resolutions or no resolutions, I think you should have some fun this coming year.

Did you Have Fun in 2010?

Did you have fun in 2010, or did you let something get in your way?

  • Not enough money
  • Not enough time
  • I’m afraid
  • Insert excuse <here>

I don’t judge.  I won’t judge.  But I will say that I really hope you did have an awesome year.  And if you’re reading this, then of course, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for joining us here at STE for the ride.  It has been awesome.

My Call to Action:  Find a Reason to Celebrate

So, Alex asked you to have a little fun in 2010.  I’m going to encourage you to find a reason to celebrate in 2011.

  • Maybe that means taking a daytrip from your hometown to enjoy your birthday.
  • Maybe that means buying a surprise trip away for someone you love.
  • Maybe that means finally telling yourself that you are worth it and booking that dream trip.

You don’t have to use our booking tools or our travel services.  You don’t even have to travel.  But please, find a reason to celebrate something in 2011.

In true Ellen Degeneres style, I’d like to end the year in style.  So, stand up – yes, right now – and DANCE.  CELEBRATE.

Next year is going to be your year to discover something truly amazing, so DANCE.  CELEBRATE.

Photo by Matteo Mazzoni

P.S. – No fanfare  here, just a small note to let you know in 2011 we’ll no longer be publishing daily.  We’re embracing serendipity and giving Sharing Travel Experiences some breathing room.   “If you love it, set it free.”

Find a Reason to Celebrate in 2011

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