Evergreen Enchantment: Seattle Dinner Party Wrap Up

Evergreen Enchantment: Seattle Dinner Party Wrap Up

On September 18th, almost 30 folks from the Plum Deluxe community gathered for our first Seattle community event, Evergreen Enchantment. Our concept was to celebrate the end of a fantastic Pacific Northwest summer, while welcoming autumn with open arms (the fall equinox being just 4 days later).

Our venue host was Tulio Restaurant, part of our ongoing partnership with Kimpton Hotels.  The private dining space is a fabulous, cozy, private room upstairs with a lovely view of the Seattle Central Library across the street.  Love me some modern Italian chic.

10612736_10152675950489284_7559449979243027996_n tulio

A Sparkling Reception

Treveri Cellars was kind enough to join us for the our opening reception, pouring two of their Washington sparkling wines – most certainly one of the highlights of the night, as Treveri makes one of the best sparklings in the Pacific Northwest.  To accompany the sparkles was our main evening sponsor, Jarlsberg Cheese.  Nothing like a bit of cheese and wine to kick off an evening, alongside some lovely canapes from the Tulio kitchen.



Food & Wine Pairings

At all of our events, we spend a lot of attention the menu, and our Evergreen Enchantment was no exception!  Chef Walter Pisano has a lot of history in the food industry, and I researched his background and pitched him a couple of suggestions and then left him to whip up a perfect menu for the night.  Once we had our menu, we reached out to the many wonderful wineries in Washington and worked with winemakers to select wines to pair with each of our courses.

Here’s a break down of the menu:

It’s hard to say what was the best part of the night – I think the most thumbs up were the gorgonzola cream and the scallops, both of which took simple flavors to a new level!



The Swag Bag of All Swag Bags

We like to highlight small vendors who aren’t able to be fully spotlighted at our events, and in this case – with so much gourmet goodies in Washington – we had a lovely swag bag filled with treats.  This event’s bag was sponsored by Tovolo, a Seattle-based purveyor of specialty kitchen goods.  Look at all the amazing things in the Evergreen Enchantment bags:

Wow! Thank you so much to all our sponsors and those vendors who provided samples!

seattle swag

We can’t wait until our next party in Seattle!  View all of the photos from this event here.


Evergreen Enchantment: Seattle Dinner Party Wrap Up

Andy Hayes

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