DIY Backyard Party Lighting… with Headlamps!

DIY Backyard Party Lighting… with Headlamps!

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Do you know what a headlamp is? I’m sure you know, but did you know that you can now get non-industrial sized headlamps, with an elastic band and high quality light without an oversized hat like a miner? They’re less than $25 per lamp, and useful for a variety of situations. Here’s what it looks like:

energizer headlamp

I wish we had these the last time we went up to Mount St. Helens and were exploring one of the lava tube caves there – the caves don’t have any light and you have to bring your own flashlight, which is fine except when you could use a free hand to try and navigate the rough terrain.

Of course, these lamps are great for general camping too, but I saw on Pinterest an image using a headlamp + an empty milk jug as a back yard light. We live in a duplex, so our yard is on the side and is long and narrow, making it a bit tough to keep it well lit. I’d love to put Christmas lights or something on our fence, but with no easy electric outlet, I haven’t found a solution. Until now.

These headlamps are perfect for hanging on the fence to illuminate rough patches in the yard where you don’t want anyone to trip; for dinner parties outside, they could be put over the food table so guests can still get to the punch after dark. And it’s so easy to adjust and take down at the end of the night.

fence light

I don’t have any milk jugs, but since it’s spring, we’ve got several empty white wine bottles. I thought using those would be a creative way to illuminate steps or other tricky spots and keeping it a “luxe” feeling. And sure enough – it works! I just love it, and have had several compliments:

wine bottle headlight

I’m sure if I’d stripped the labels off, I could have gotten some additional lighting, but this was just perfect for our intimate group, though it works much better filled with water as the liquid reflects a lot of the light.

We tried putting these on the tables, but it wasn’t quite as effective – much of the light coming out of the bottle is reflected up, so having them on the ground provided the most useful light.

It’s worth noting that the light on the Energizer headlamps flips outwards, so you have a lot of flexibility in positioning where the light is directed (this is more useful if you’re hanging it than strapping it on a wine bottle).

How would use these headlamps creatively around the house?
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Energizer Beam Headlamps are great not just for camping but for a variety of other situations: early morning runs or hikes, DIY around the house in dark spaces, of course, adding a bit of flair to your next backyard party.

For more info, why not check out the Energizer Bunny on Twitter.

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DIY Backyard Party Lighting... with Headlamps!

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