Deluxe Daily Planning Worksheet
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Deluxe Daily Planner

Stay Focused on Your Top Priorities
And Actually Enjoy It

deluxe daily plannerWhile there are many, many productivity tools out on the market (we know, we’ve used many of them ourselves), sometimes the tools are more complicated than they need to be. That’s why we created our Deluxe Daily Planner to help you stay focused on what’s important without all the fluff.

Our daily planner is 1 sheet that you hang near your desk, refrigerator, or wherever you keep yourself organized. The sheet features 5 blocks that represent your top 5 priorities for that day (or week, or special project). Keeping it focused on only 5 tasks ensures you don’t get overwhelmed and don’t fear taking action.

All you do is place a post-it note on top of each block with your goal or task. When you complete the task, remove the post it note and enjoy a colorful affirmation to help celebrate your success.

easy daily planner template

Some of the ways Plum Deluxe readers are using our daily planner:
– to track chapter completions on a novel writing project
– to keep up with fitness goals
– to stay excited and on focus with a side hustle business

That’s the great thing about our daily planner – it’s very flexible to suit you.

While Plum Deluxe is the website that helps you create moments that matter this worksheet is part of a new area of focus for us, called Making You Matter.

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