Make Your Own Tea Blend: Organic Custom Tea Blends from Plum Deluxe
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Make Your Own Tea Blend: Handcrafted, Organic Custom Tea Blends from Plum Deluxe

Make Your Own Tea Blend and Make an Impression
Handcrafted, Organic Custom Tea Blends from Plum Deluxe

make your own tea blend - custom tea blendsLooking to make your own tea blend for your your shop, store, office, or have a custom tea blend on hand for a thoughtful gift for clients, customers, and friends? Then look no further than the handcrafted organic loose leaf teas from Plum Deluxe.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. You provide initial information about your needs (packaging, volume, etc.) as well as desires for your blend (caffeine/no-caff, love lavender/dislike chamomile, etc.) – we have a custom questionnaire to help you through this process in a mindful way.
  2. Plum Deluxe prepares a small sample of a custom tea blend we think will fit your requirements. You’ll sample and provide feedback. If needed, we’ll do a second round of testing. We’ll also firm up any custom packaging requirements as needed during this step.
  3. Once we agree on the blend and packaging, we’ll move forward with the blending process, pack and ship your teas. We can also provide additional marketing materials or supporting information.
  4. You spread love and joy with your teas. Your recipe remains on file with us for future re-orders as necessary. We will not use your recipe for other clients or our own projects. You can “white label” your custom tea, meaning that our name does not appear on your packaging, or you can include the Plum Deluxe label to assure your community that your tea is fresh, handcrafted, and delicious.

We love making custom tea blends and helping you make your own tea blend. Because we produce all products by hand in small batches, we are also able to customize or personalize your order to pretty much any requirements. And small batches means we can keep minimum order quantities low!

No fuss, no forms – just reach out to us: andy @ –
and let’s talk.

Andy Hayes from Plum Deluxe provides some of the best customer service I have ever had… I had a lot of questions and he took the time to answer each one. I was very impressed. I have dealt with companies where you get just a simple sentence back without any kind of greeting or thank you for the interest in their product. Those kind of companies I have trouble dealing with. Even if they have incredible blends. Andy is the complete opposite.” – Nichole Miller