"Surprise" Crunchy Potato Chip Butter Cookie Recipe

“Surprise” Crunchy Butter Cookies


There’s nothing like a good, simple, old fashioned butter cookie to brighten up the day. They’re just perfect after a dinner party with a coffee bar or hot cup of tea. They also make terrific hostess gifts or treats for your neighbors.

Although simple butter cookies are great, I like to have a little fun and change it up sometimes. Cinnamon chips are a great addition, for example, with unexpected flavor. Lemon zest can brighten up what appears to be an otherwise ordinary treat. Or, you can pull out my super-secret ingredient: potato chips!

crunchy butter cookies

For those of you that know me, you know I can polish off a bag of potato chips in one sitting, so the fact that a bag stuck around long enough to be used in a recipe is saying something.

This potato chip butter cookie recipe is a fun conversation starter (what’s the secret ingredient? why does it work so well — the pinch of salt, or the bit of crunch?), and while it does sound a bit of an odd duck, it really is a combination that works wonders.


I’m using waffle cut potato chips for this recipe; despite being crushed, I feel like the waffle cut chips are crunchier and hold up nicely when baking. And who doesn’t like waffle cut chips with sea salt? As you’ll note, this recipe only requires a few cups of crushed chips, which means there are plenty of chips left for sharing and snacking.

The only word of caution I have for you is that you’ll find yourself munching away when making these — having potato chips and egg-less cookie dough lying around the kitchen is a recipe for hunger.


Potato Chip Butter Cookies

Makes approx 32 cookies. Recipe can be halved.


  • 2 cups butter, softened
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 1/2 cups flour (gluten-free flour for gluten-free cookies)
  • 2 cups Cape Cod® Waffle Cut Sea Salt Potato Chips
  • 3/4 cup chocolate chips (OPTIONAL)


Preheat oven to 350F. In large bowl, cream butter and sugar until smooth. Add vanilla, mix again. Slowly add in flour and combine until ingredients are fully mixed. Add crushed potato chips and mix again until combined, though careful not to overmix and totally crush the chips. Fold in chocolate chips, if desired.

Spoon 2-inch sized balls of dough onto a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Bake 12 minutes or until bottoms of cookies are lightly brown. Allow to cool a couple of minutes before transferring to wire racks, or serve hot.


You can try these cookies with other chip flavors (Cape Cod® also does an excellent sea salt & vinegar), but I prefer it just straight up salt and crunch. You can also go with reduced fat potato chips, but I think the damage will already be done in this creation!

This feature was brought to you by Cape Cod® Potato Chips. Cape Cod® chips are still made in Hyannis, MA, where you can even visit and take a factory tour. Their chips are made in small batches with 100% Canola Oil and no preservatives. And yes, they’re gluten free! Cape Cod® recently expanded their distribution to the west coast near Plum Deluxe HQ, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to spotlight them here.
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"Surprise" Crunchy Butter Cookies

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