How to Create the Ultimate Bed
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Dreaming of Heavenly Sleep? 10 Luxury Upgrades for Creating The Ultimate Bed

For most of us, our bedrooms are our haven, but have you ever wished that you could sleep in an absolutely heavenly bed? Like those you can only find in a luxury suite at a five-star hotel? Try personalizing one of these ten upgrades in your own bedroom to create your own ultimate bed!

luxury bed upgrades

10. Start by choosing that all-important bed frame and headboard to match your own personal style. You can follow the latest design trends, or stay classic – do you go for Mad Men/mid-century modern? Rococo/King Louis ornate? Cape Cod/beach cottage? You can even create headboards yourself. Choose something that makes you happy to see as you turn in each night.

9. Hire a feng shui master (or you can read up on it and do it yourself) to place your bed in the perfect spot for optimum sleep health. Among other tips, they recommend you don’t place your bed under a window, or in line with the bedroom door. And definitely make your bed, as an unmade bed can stagnate and erode your chi (cosmic energy or power) – all the more reason to get a comforter in a duvet cover for easy bed-making.

8. Stating the obvious – be sure to purchase a quality mattress. Don’t skimp, and your back will thank you. You can find mattresses made of everything from traditional cotton/polyester, to all wool, to memory foam and latex – you can probably even still find waterbeds if you’re really feeling retro.  Take an in-store test drive before committing to a purchase.


7. Protect your investment by using bedding protectors. Having spent a bundle on a quality bedding products, they’re a no brainer for helping to prevent general wear and tear, as well as protecting from coffee/wine spills or other stains. Bedding protectors also will help keep out dust mites and other nasties such as bed bugs.

6. Amp up your mattress with a luxurious mattress pad or featherbed – these are not your grandmother’s – and you can find one to match your personal preference in everything, from 100% Egyptian cotton to cozy down and feather, to breathable wool fleece and even super soft fabric made from bamboo.

How to Choose a Mattress Pad

5. Take the time to find superior quality sheets – it’s not all about the thread count (even the local big box stores can offer high thread count) – it’s about the raw materials and weave too. Look for high quality 100% cotton sateen, percale or batiste, or even fine linen sheets. And why stop at white? You can find all colors of the rainbow, classic stripes to wild jungle prints, and even intricately embroidered sheets to give your decor some personality.


4. Don’t forget about the blankets – they’re often overlooked as a style element, but you can not only enjoy a soft, cozy blanket, but also find one that looks great on the bed, in fabrics from 100% cotton weave to pure silk or cashmere. Blankets are versatile and perfect for any season – you can purchase thicker blankets in wool, cotton fleece or flannel for winter warmth, or lightweight cotton or silk, perfect for summer.


3. Go for Euro-style. Like so many high-end hotels, you can simply use a comforter plus a duvet cover to top your bed – no top sheet necessary. Comforters are an investment well worth the expense – and you can use them throughout the year and in almost any climate.  Choose based on “fill power” – the higher the fill power of a down comforter, the larger and better quality of the materials inside. You can find superior quality at good value starting at 600 fill power, but for the deluxe bedroom, go top of the line with a featherweight 800 or 100 fill power down comforter.   Slip your comforter into a fine fabric duvet cover, which you can switch up to change your entire bedroom’s look for the season or whenever the mood strikes you. Many comforters include convenient loops and duvet covers have ties, so your comforter stays securely in place.

How to put a duvet cover on your comforter

2. There’s no better luxury than a plethora of pillows. Why have just one, when you can create your own pillow menu, like some of the finer hotels. You can choose the pillow you’re in the mood for – a supremely fluffy overfilled down or synthetic pillow or a supportive gusseted pillow. If you have particular health needs, such as neck pain, or acid reflux, you can even find specialty pillows to help, even a temperature-regulating pillow for those hot nights!


1. Finally, to top off your ultimate bed – no bed is fully dressed without some bling! Much like adding jewelry or a tie to your favorite outfit, as a final touch, don’t forget to accessorize your bed with decorative pillows and shams, and perhaps a bed scarf or throw. You can go wild, adding warmth and style with a luxuriously soft faux fur throw – this is one time where you get to choose whether less is more, or you want to go all out with décor.

Dreaming of Heavenly Sleep? 10 Luxury Upgrades for Creating The Ultimate Bed

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