Earl Grey Month

Earl Grey Month

June is Earl Grey Month! Enjoy some creative limited-edition blends this month along with generous bulk discounts on your purchase of any earl grey blends: 3 earl greys for $20, 4 for $25, 5 for $30, 6 or more $5.50/each.

Get lucky with our Lucky Irish Breakfast tea, only in March! Plus, get Delightful Morning lavender Earl Grey for only $5 all month long.  (PS - Feeling anxious? Try our stress relief teas.)

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Aloha Blend Black Tea (Pineapple Earl Grey)

Absolutely an invigorating cup of cheer. Only available in Jun, $7/oz.

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Endearment Blend Oolong Tea (Maple Earl Grey)

Sip and enjoy positive thoughts. Only available in Jun, $7/oz.

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Victorian Garden Grey Black Tea (Earl Grey / Berries / Floral)

Tea fit for a queen or king. $7/oz, limited-edition for June only.

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California Grey Herbal Tea (Almond Earl Grey)

Delightful iced or hot. $7/oz, limited-edition in June only.

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Queen’s Blend Green Tea (Lemon Crème Earl Grey)

A cup of tea fit for royalty – made just for you.

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Gratitude Blend (Strawberry Earl Grey)

A strawberry earl grey representing gratitude, appreciation, & kindness. $7/oz.

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Delightful Morning Blend (Earl Grey Lavender)

Flavorful earl grey with an Oregon lavender twist. $7/oz, only $5 in March.

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Mindful Morning Tea Blend (Earl Grey)

Get your day (or tea moment) started in a wonderful way. Earl Grey with a Plum Deluxe twist. $7/oz.

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