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A fake magazine cover for "Gossip: Spill It and Dish" has a tea pot and teacup on the front with various tea pun headlines.

Quali-Tea Puns for Every Mood

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I love puns. Always have, always will. Puns as an art form – yes, I said it, ART FORM – often get a bad rap for being the “lowest form of humor.” Well, that’s just another way to say, “You look like a person that knows how to have fun.” My high school English teacher […]

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30 Tea Sayings


For as long as there has been tea, there have been people who love tea and love to wax poetic about their favorite cup. Here are thirty of our favorite tea sayings: funny tea sayings, cute tea sayings, inspiring tea quotes, and more. Read them for a pick-me-up or print out your favorites to decorate […]

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a clear electric kettle boils next to a floral mug with tea infuser, while more mugs and tea spoons wait in the background.

Communi-tea Roundup: What To Do While the Kettle Boils

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There’s no doubt that we’re all living in a quickly-paced world. But for us tea-drinkers, something remarkable happens when we turn the kettle on: Time seems to soften a little bit, and we’re all given a few minutes in our days to slow down, take a breath (or frankly, maybe just throw a load of […]

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Support Plum Deluxe with a Membership

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Do you follow and enjoy all the great recipes and mindfulness tips we share here on the Plum Deluxe blog three times per week?  Then please consider supporting us with either a purchase from our online shop, or joining our tea of the month club (gift subscriptions and caffeine-free options available.) Not only do your […]

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4 Things You Can Do to Maintain Serenity During the Holidays

Tis the season for holly, jolly, and frayed nerves.  (Don’t laugh — you know it’s true.) I think it is possible to enjoy the season and at the same time maintain a calm perseverance no matter the challenges and annoyances that present themselves.  Here are four specific actions you can try to bring more serenity to […]

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4 Changes Coming in 2016

We’ve just finished our 2nd annual Plum Deluxe planning retreat.  Big thanks to those of you who filled out our end-of-year survey; your feedback helps us immensely. Because this year’s event was so intense (and your feedback so thoughtful), I wanted to take a moment and share what we’re going to be changing / working […]

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