Premium Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Canada, US$19/Month

Organic. Fair Trade. Handmade Blends.

✓ No HST on Tea, Free Shipping
✓ Delicious, Fun, Seasonal Teas
✓ Free Samples, Free Shipping
✓ Supportive Community, Lots of Perks!

 "I've never been as delighted with a 'surprise me' subscription - every tea is exceptional and wonderful and I've never gotten a single one that I consider 'throw away' as always happened with other subscriptions."

- Christine (tea club member for 3+ years) Verified Buyer



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What You'll Get Each Month

✔ One oz premium, seasonal tea made just for the club (approx 15-20 cups)

✔ Sample of a 2nd delicious tea from our shop

✔ Brewing instructions, tea pairings & recipes

✔ Private, supportive tea lover’s community

✔ Free shipping on ALL your purchases

✔ No HST on Tea

✔ Members-only specials and discounts

✔ Risk free: cancel any time

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What Our Customers Say

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that even though I've only gotten my second tea today, it meant so much to me. Not only is the tea outstandingly delicious, it's just so much fun when I go to the mailbox. It's one of the nicest things that I think I've ever had - I look forward to each month."

- Pat G (tea club member for 3+ years) Verified Buyer

 "It feels SO GOOD to be part of a community that is so understanding and accepting. This is not what I was expecting when I signed up…I just really liked the tea!”

- Mandy G (tea club member for 3+ years) Verified Buyer

 "Plum Deluxe is isn’t just a bag of tea in the mail every month. They have created a community surrounding their products. A community that does secret gift exchanges, has honest and thoughtful conversations, shares their latest teaware purchases and a great love, understanding and passion for tea and making moments that matter. The positivity surrounding this company is something I’ve always admired and I’m glad I’m a part of it.

- Nichole M (tea club member for 2+ years) Verified Buyer

 "We are addicted to the marvelous tea blends at Plum Deluxe. He finds just the right blends for the season. Not only do we get marvelous teas he has a wonderful newsletter with all sorts of inspirational and motivational messages, recipes, tea party ideas, etc. Plus it comes in a beautiful purple package. What more could we ask for. :)”

- Paulina T (tea club member for 3+ years Verified Buyer

We’re committed to providing you only the best.

Our artisan, handcrafted blends are free from hidden sugars, sulfites, GMO’s and artificial anything (we are also vegan, dairy free, and gluten free).

While each month's blend is a surprise, some of our recent blends have included Mint with a Hint of Coconut, Pears and Cinnamon, Chestnut Chai, and Raspberry Earl Grey. We'd tell you the next one but... it's a surprise!

Lift Your Spirits square

 "My family and I find Plum Deluxe tea blends to be the best out there (and trust me… we honestly have purchased over 200 different gourmet tea leaves over the last 2 years from companies all over the U.S.) I believe tea drinkers need to experience Plum Deluxe.”

- Mary Ann W (tea club member for 3+ years Verified Buyer

 "Unlike other companies who have everything blended in factories, everything at Plum Deluxe is done with love and care, making their tea of the month club ideal for true tea lovers.”

– Susan B (tea club member for 2+ years) Verified Buyer

Meet Your Tea Blender

I’m Andy Hayes, founder of Plum Deluxe and chief tea maker. Please allow me to walk you through the process I use to create the unique tea blends you’ll discover being a member of the Plum Deluxe organic tea of the month club.

While you may be envisioning lab coats and a giant factory with stacks of ingredients and curious equipment, the Plum Deluxe studio in Portland, Oregon is decidedly more low-key.

I start with an intention in mind – a great tea to sip while reading a book, the perfect tea for cheering on a holiday celebration, an ideal tea for serving after a big meal. I draw upon my intuition and years of experience to blend up 2 or 3 different “test teas.”

Using ingredients from around the world, our flavors are often informed by our love for the Pacific Northwest. Examples of this can be seen in our limited-edition Portland Rose City Chai and the best-selling Oregon Breakfast Black Tea.

Next I steep, sip, review, adjust, repeat. Teas that pass muster often go out to a small group of “tea testers” for further evaluation. Only the best teas are hand-blended in larger batches for our monthly tea subscription box members.

We are a small, specialized, family owned-and-operated business. You have my promise that everything we make is blended with love, positive intentions, and so much gratitude for you, our Plum Deluxe customer.


 "My Sunday morning couldn’t be any better – this tea has got to be the absolute best blend I’ve EVER had! I can’t get over the flavors and how well they work together. All I can say to this is WOW, great stuff, excellent flavors all working together. It’s wonderful!”

– Anna G (tea club member for 3+ years) Verified Buyer

 "The smell is AMAZING in these teas! I left them in my room just to scent up the place before I brewed them up. These aren’t ordinary loose tea you can buy from the grocery market, so it’s worth giving Plum Deluxe try!”

– Hanalei H Verified Buyer

 "My purple package arrived and the beautiful warm smell pretty much brought tears to my eyes. So much love for this. I thought I was getting tea and I’m getting so much more. Thank you.”

Jodie D (tea club member for 3+ years) Verified Buyer