A Quick Way to Brighten Up Your Keyboard & Brighten Up Your Day

A Quick Way to Brighten Up Your Keyboard & Brighten Up Your Day

If you haven’t noticed, there is a Washi Tape obsession happening at the moment.  Haven’t come across it yet? Washi Tape is a colorful Japanese paper tape being used for crafting. It’s light and almost transparent, similar to masking tape. You can stick it to something and it will easily peel off without leaving any residue or marks.

It can be used in a variety of fun ways. I’ve seen it used in scrapbooking, decorating items such as glass jars and clothespins or being used to create cupcake toppers and jewellery.

brighten up your keyboard

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a shop that sells it online. Cute Tape has a nice selection, and ships free in the US (plus options to ship internationally). I was inspired by Kira’s DIY Washi Tape Keyboard on Her New Leaf and decided to give it my own spin as a nice addition to Krista’s A Bit of Flair for Your Office.

Rather than decorating every key, I chose to put highlights on about a third of the keys. I had a mix of four tapes, two patterned and two solid shades, but you could use any variation of this. I think the solid colors give a nice balance to the patterned tapes.

washi tape rolls

Start by wiping your keys clean with a rubbing alcohol or wet wipe. It will help the Washi Tape stick and stay longer.

glowing keys

The tape is the perfect width for most of the keys. I found it tough to tape the top row and arrow keys and chose to exclude those.

I matched and stuck the tape to the key, and then cut the end with scissors. It is okay to have a bit of excess tape on the edge. This can be wrapped around, and smoothed down to stick to the side of the key. I used an exacto cutting knife to help smooth the edges as well. You could try using a stencil to be more precise with the length, but I found it was more work than it was worth.

The best part is that if you mess up, cut the tape unevenly or place it off-center, it’s okay. You just lift it up and try again. I had a few keys I chose to re-tape.

keyboard work in progress

You might look at placing some type of clear keyboard protector over the keys when finished to help preserve your work. For me, it didn’t matter as much because I plan on changing up the pattern later. I think I might buy some new patterns and give my keys a makeover when they start to wear out.

The keys on the MacBook and most other laptops light up and can be seen through the tape. It’s a nice way to brighten up your every day work life with a bit of color. Have fun creating your own style with the Washi Tape keyboard.

keyboard with washi tape - colorful final

All photos by author.

A Quick Way to Brighten Up Your Keyboard & Brighten Up Your Day

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