In Search of the Best Travel Shoes, and Other Travel-Weary Foot Advice

In Search of the Best Travel Shoes, and Other Travel-Weary Foot Advice

When it comes to travel and vacations, there is a whole heck of a lot of “sweating the small stuff.” Luggage is one of them – or more specifically how to pack a suitcase. Language is another. And don’t forget your maps.

But one thing many travellers don’t pay a lot of attention to (and they should) is footwear. Have you ever thought about the best travel shoes for your trip? Many of us have desk jobs these days, and even myself – I’m quite active and run several days a week – have found myself with achy feet while on the road. How often you have had a sore or blister that all but ruins a long day of sightseeing that was probably going to be a touch grueling anyway? Here’s often how I feel at the end of a bleary travel day:

To combat this “lie flat and die” problem, I’ve been testing out the sexy (and in my opinion, best) travel shoes from Kuru. I am loving them, but why?

Orthopedic Shoes That Don’t Look like Orthopedic Shoes

Have you seen them: those orthopedic shoes that have extra-special foot support, but the’re blinding white, scarily so, and let’s face it: ugly. Nobody wants to look like a tourist jerk, and nobody wants to be the tourist jerk who is wearing really-omg-awful-shoes.

I’m terrible about wearing good footwear on the road. Often I just wear my Havianas sandals, which are actually really bad for you when walking around all day. (They are comfortable….but not 6 miles later.)

What I found by wearing my Kuru’s – I’m testing out the Insight style – it was like walking on a breath of fresh air! I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. The soul really does have an orthopedic-styled support, or what I would think it would be like, since I haven’t actually worn an orthopedic shoe. I was actually a little worried they might be too supportive, to the point of being uncomfortable; kind of a too-stiff shoe problem, if you know what I mean. But having been on several trips now and walked a few miles a day in them, they still look brand new and feel great. No achy arches, no blisters, nothing. Awesome.

Attention to Detail

Kuru really has given these shoes some attention to the details where your regular shoe fails to pass muster. Specifically:

  • The shoes are quite water resistant. (That’s different than waterproof – no you can’t go swimming in them – but in a downpour, my feet stayed dry.)
  • They handle sweaty feet really well. No slip-sliding inside which is where blisters come from.
  • No smelly feet at the end of the day either. The shoes are nice and breathable.
  • Sturdy traction on the souls so you aren’t skidding around on wet or slick surfaces, but it doesn’t look like you’re walking around town with hiking boots on.

There’s a whole lot of technology and engineering going on in these shoes and I’m not even going to pretend to understand it. But here’s the scoop from the friendly folk at Kuru:

KURU was founded on the idea that nature evolved your feet to cushion your body perfectly. Unfortunately, most walking shoes are flat, with a flimsy foam insole. This flat shape smashes the fat pad under your heel, removing its ability to cushion your body. KURU’s patent-pending KuruSole™ midsole dynamically cradles your fat pad, keeping it under your heel bone.

Translation: Kuru makes your feet feel good under travel duress. 🙂

Other Awesome Shoe Tips

Foot problems can really turn a good vacation into a nightmare. Here are a few other recommendations I have found after years on the road, besides getting a pair of proper travel shoes.

  • Have a few bandages in your carry on luggage for any unexpected blisters or foot problems. If you catch a blister early on, you can prevent it from getting worse, and if you have them you can skip the “how do you say bandage in XYZ language” routine.
  • Shoes are important, but also look at your socks – are you wearing too thin or too thick of socks that are causing issues?
  • Before you leave home for a lengthy, heavy walking trip, do some training at home. Walking around your neighbourhood, or finally get into the gym. Don’t overdo it, but signal to your body that it’s time to walk!

So, ready to try on a pair of the best travel shoes out there? Then check out Kuru – you’ll love ’em.

Special thanks to Kuru for letting us try their shoes out. Learn more about our editorial policy on reviews here.

Photo Credits: Menage a Moi, Kuru, anolobb

In Search of the Best Travel Shoes, and Other Travel-Weary Foot Advice

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