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Thoughtful Gifts for Tea Lovers

You can trust in Plum Deluxe for the most thoughtful gifts for the tea drinkers and loose leaf lovers in your life. Teas blended with love, accessories chosen with care.

"Every time we send a package from Plum Deluxe,
the recipient loves it!" - Marlicia F.


Top Sellers for Tea Gifts

If you're not sure what kind of tea your giftee enjoys - or you're just in a hurry - try one of these 3 top sellers, they're far and away our most popular gifts, particularly our tea club - we're the #1 tea of the month gift subscription.

Lucky Elephant Tea Infuser Mug + Tin

Pretty, practical, opalescent, delightful. Mix and match mug/tin/tea, from $6.

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Loose Leaf Tea Lover’s Starter Kit

The essentials of becoming a loose leaf tea lover. Includes tea, sugar, honey, infuser, and a tea scoop. $40

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Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Gift Set

Our adorable Tea Trio gift set is just the thing for any gift needs. $27, includes 3 teas, spoon, muslin bag plus gift card.

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Or, choose a gift that *literally* keeps on giving - a tea of the month subscription.

Does your giftee love trying new teas?  Gift our tea of the month club and they'll get a surprise tea in the mail every month, plus:

  • free shipping on all purchases
  • access to exclusive blends & products
  • surprise perks and discounts
  • access to our community of thoughtful tea lovers

Caffeine-free, allergy-friendly options available.  You choose how many months to pre-pay.  Hand-written gift note.

Play your cards right... with a Plum Deluxe gift card.

Or Build Your Own Gift Pack - Try These Teas First

We love these teas as gifts - they make fantastic stocking stuffers too.

reading tea

Reading Nook Tea Blend (Rose / Lavender / Chamomile)

An ingenious blend of black tea, lavender, rose, and chamomile. Calm caffeination perfect for reading, writing, & lively conversations. $7/oz.

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The Self Care Blend (Elderberry / Apricot)

Feel cared for and looked after with this healing blend of herbs. A simple, yet complex, tea. $7/oz.

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Vanilla Sugar Cookie Herbal Dessert Tea

Lightly sweet & spiced, full of love. $7/oz.

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Abundance Blend Green Tea (Passionfruit / Elderflower)

A simple but thoughtfully chosen combination of fruit + flowers. $7/oz.

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peach pear organic white loose leaf tea blend

Afternoon “High Tea” White Tea (Peach / Pear)

Relax with friends & hot scones and this lovely weekend tea. Lightly caffeinated. $7/oz.

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No Obligations Decaf Black Tea (Hazelnut / Almond / Cinnamon)

Pour yourself a cuppa with no expectations. $7/oz.

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organic orange spice black tea loose leaf

Comfort Blend Black Tea (Orange / Cinnamon)

This familiar flavor is your best friend for a tranquil, revitalizing cuppa. $7/oz

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Porch Sippin’ Pecan Black Tea

Sit, relax, and enjoy. $7/oz.

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Sweeten Your Gift

Normally dust in a gift wouldn't be a selling point, but our "dusts" are quite popular add-ons for gifts and a fun way to sweeten your gift.  They're great both for sweeten the tea as well as using for baking.

Honey Dust (Cane Sugar / Raw Honey)

Sprinkle a bit of delightful sweetness into tea, coffee, or baked goods. $4 / 4 oz

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Vanilla Sugar Dust

A delightful infusion of sweet flavor for tea and other beverages. $7/ 4oz

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Maple Dust (Maple / Coconut Sugar)

Sprinkle a bit of warm, invigorating sweetness into tea, coffee, or baked goods. $7 / 4 oz.

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