Best Place to See the Stars

Want to know the best place (in my humble opinion) to see the stars? Well…there are some amazing places to do just that. Lapland, near the article circle, is one that comes to mind. But one of my favourites is a tiny village, simply a crossroads in the middle of New Zealand’s South Island: Lake Tekapo

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About Lake Tekapo

Tekapo is mostly known for the crystal blue waters of the lake – it really is that almost glow-in-the-dark clour that you see in the photos.  The walking paths in the area – ranging from flat walks behind the town to hilly routes circling the lake — are excellent.  It is a small town but there is one pub and a decent Chinese restaurant too.  This is a remote destination, so relax and enjoy it.

Why are the stars so clear?

Well, Lake Tekapo is a pretty remote place.  This means that there is no light pollution from neighbouring towns, or even busy expressways that might generate overhead light.  Additionallly, the atmosphere overhead is very thin, creating almost a magnification effect that allows you see the Milky Way with stunning clarity, even without a telescope.

If you go

I can recommend the Earth and Sky tour option in Tekapo, but keep in mind that the tour is dependent on the weather and on inclement/cloudy nights the tour can be cancelled.

The town is easily accessible via the bus service between Queenstown and Christchurch (although book ahead in Dec-Feb).

Book in overnight at the Tailor Made Tekapo backpackers, centrally located and nicely-appointed accomodation. Tell them I sent you! 🙂

Where have you went that was simply an amazing place to see the stars?  Be sure to include a link with photos in your signature to prove it!

Best Place to See the Stars

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