Best of 2013: Our Most Popular Stories This Year

Best of 2013: Our Most Popular Stories This Year

Phew, 2013 was a huge year for us.  Over 395 features posted, several wonderful sponsors, the launch of Plum Deluxe Collections, and countless conversations with friends new and old.

Given all of our great articles, we thought it would be interesting to share some of the most popular Plum Deluxe stories from 2013.

best of 2013

Not counting our larger paid sponsorship campaigns and older articles, these are the top 10 most viewed/shared/commented articles of 2013.

10. A Guide to Swedish Interior Design (That Isn’t IKEA)

I’ve always admired Lola Akinmade’s photography, so it was a real pleasure for her to share with us what homes in Sweden look like, IKEA or otherwise.  Oh, and you’re probably pronouncing IKEA wrong.   Oops.

9. Some Like It Hot: 3 Cocoa Recipes for Chocolate Lovers


We just love Sandy Smith’s cocktail recipes, and when we let her loose on chocolate?  Well, the results – as they say – were history.  No more crappy hot cocoa mix – these hot chocolate recipes take it to a new level.  What will you choose: easy, decadent, or guilty?

8. Five Ways to Put Memories on a Wall

Carey, our community manager, always has the best ideas.  But, when she put together these ideas for hanging memories on your walls, we couldn’t help but want to strip down our walls at Plum Deluxe HQ and implement these ideas.  Love.

7. Hobbies for Your Health

Did you know that hobbies are good for you?  Yes, indeed.  We’ve got some ideas for hobbies that will help you de-stress, and even hobbies for a shot of adrenaline – for those who need it.  What’s the hobby you’ve been waiting to pick up? Now’s the time – doctor’s orders!

6. Ten Sharing Services that Will Change Your Life

My, oh my, how the Internet has changed our lives.  Perhaps one of the biggest effects as of late is what Lisa Gansky calls the “mesh” effect – that we can pool and share resources together.  Thursday Bram shares with us some of the best sharing services that will make your life happier.

5. Ten Creative Wine Racks We Want

It is no secret that we love wine here at Plum Deluxe.  There’s nothing better than wine storage that is pretty and practical.  These wine racks suit the bill – all you need is to stock them with your house favorites, red or white.

4. Deconstructing the Digestive: The Perfect After Dinner Drink

Out of all our cocktail recipes, it’s interesting that the digestive is the most popular.  Maybe because of all those great recipes and dinner parties.  Anyway, we’re glad everyone is enjoying an after-dinner beverage – it’s healthy and hearty!

4. The Psychology of Color: How to Choose What to Wear

Have you ever thought about the effect of the color of clothes you wear on how you are perceived?  Color psychology expert, Vanessa, shares what colors to wear when, including some insights you may have always known but not understood the science behind. Dress well, friends.

3. The Psychology of Color:  Ideal Colors to Use in Your Home

Who knew that color was so darned important?  Taking another spot on our top 10 is this great article on what colors are best for each room of the home.  From your master retreat to your home office, pick the colors that will help you be your best self.

2. How to Dress Like a Parisian

Apparently, Plum Deluxe readers want to dress like Parisians – both our how to dress like a Frenchman and how to dress like a Frenchwoman took almost the top spots in our year.  Nothing like looking fabulous and feeling like a million bucks – er, a million euros.  Same difference.

1. Six Dates to Grow Your Relationship

Relationships are hard work – well worth it, but hard work nonetheless.   We could all use ideas for taking our relationships to the next level, and Kayla’s wonderful roundup of date night ideas are bound to be the spark and inspiration you needed.  We can’t think of a better topic to be our top viewed story of 2013!

Best of 2013: Our Most Popular Stories This Year

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