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Being Seen with Jennifer Alyse (Tea Time Podcast Episode 5)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us.

We all know that photographers see the world differently. But today, we’re taking that concept several layers deeper and delving into the idea of being seen. My guest is my wise friend, Jennifer Alyse. Jennifer is not just a photographer, but documentary film-maker, and event host.

– Why/how do photographers see the world differently? Are we all photographers now?
– What does it mean to be seen?
– How do we show up authentically on social media?
– How do we show up as the best version of our selves, at work and at home?
– What does empowered mean and how does it tie in to being seen?

It’s interesting dialogue and I encourage you to really listen closely to this one, as there are many takeaway bits of knowledge that are shared.



Show Notes

– We mention Jennifer’s short film about being Empowered; you can view it right here.
– Jennifer is actually hosting an event, about Being Seen! (We didn’t know this when we booked her for the show.) Learn more about that here.
– Andrea Leda was a keynote speaker at Jennifer’s event; you can hear more about Andrea on her journaling podcast episode of our show.

And a couple of our favorite quotes from the show:

Being Seen with Jennifer Alyse (Tea Time Podcast Episode 5)
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