Four DIY Projects to Become an Organizational Queen
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Four DIY Projects to Become an Organizational Queen

Do you want to take control of your clutter? Master your messiness? Rule the unruly? If you want to be an organizational queen, it’s time to become a DIY Diva.

And forget about spending hours of time trying to clear out your junk drawer only for it to get messy again three days later. Nope, these organizational projects are quick and easy fixes that will actually last.

Here are four problem areas and how to give them an organizational make-over.

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The Rats’ Nest of Cables Behind Your Desk

Problem: You know that big tangle of cords and cables from your various electronic devices? Not only is this wire nightmare incredibly ugly, but it is also impossible to unplug the device you need without getting lost in the maze of cables; when you try to pull anything out, they all just get more tangled.

Solution: With a few extra kitchen items you can organize your cables once and never have to do it again! Start saving the twist ties and plastic tabs from old bread items — you know, the plastic thingy that keeps your bread bag from imploding.

Once and for all, sit down and sort all of your cables. On each bread tab write the name of your device and put them on the end of each cord. This way you know exactly which cord is attached to your devices. Lastly, gather the cords together and use the twist ties every foot or so along the bottom of the wall. This helps them not get wrapped around stray chair legs, themselves, or your foot when you walk by.


Key Confusion

Problem: My husband and I constantly get our keys mixed up. We also have a thousand keys to shelves, storage units, diaries, and who knows what else, lying around our house. We tried to put them on key rings and we tried those little plastic shell cases, but they always fell off or were just plain ugly. There is a prettier way!

Solution: Paint your keys like they are your nails! We all have such beautiful nail polish, why should we only use it on our nails? You can differentiate your keys by color-coding them with your favorite nail polish colors. Just lay your keys on a flat surface and apply a thick coat of a different hue to the top of each key. You can do this with copies you give out or hide in the garden so you don’t confuse which key goes where.


Bobby Pin Nightmare

Problem: Sometimes it feels like bobby pins spontaneously materialize out of thin air and invade every small crevice of my purse, apartment, and bathroom drawers. Do you either lose your bobby pins or find them in annoying places all the time? You are not alone.

Solution: Did you know that bobby pins and magnetic strips are soul mates? They have instant attraction! You can get a magnetic strip or magnetic tape at any local hardware store. Then put it up on the inside of your medicine cabinet, shelf, or makeup table. The bobby pins will stick to the strip and be ready when you next need them!


Hanger Heaven

Problem: Your closet is sacred space; not only do you need to optimize every inch, but you also want it to be easy to get in and out of for those woke-up-too-late mornings. How can you make the closet your heaven? It all starts with some handy hanger tips.

Solution: First, make sure that your hangers slide easily. Before learning this tip, my hangers used to be impossible to slide around and made this awful nails on the chalkboard sound. To solve this, just rub your clothes bar with wax paper and they will begin to slide perfectly.

Then, start saving the hangers with the little plastic size tabs on top. These are actually great organizers. Simply cover the size label with your own handwritten labels like “shirts,” “skirts,” “dresses,” and “jackets” and use them as dividers in your closet.

I hope these DIY tips will give you some great ideas for upcoming weekend activities. Even if it takes a little time upfront, your bobby pins, hangers, keys, and cords will thank you!

Photo Credits:  dieraecherin, kconnors, Morrhigan, and pentacs.

Four DIY Projects to Become an Organizational Queen

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