Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Going away to camp isn’t just for kids. These luxury camps provide unique opportunities to participate in activities geared specifically for adults. They combine the best parts of going to sleep-away camp as a kid — making new friends and bonding over shared adventures — without having to give up too many conveniences.

Be a Happy Camper 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Wine Camp

Escape to California wine country where you’ll take part in four days of behind-the-scenes winemaking activities at eight different wineries. This camp gives you the chance to take your love of wine to the next level with interactive lessons from seasoned winemakers.

You’ll go into the vineyards to learn about the nuances of growing and harvesting grapes, and you’ll gain understanding of wine regions and wine types with instruction and conversations during several tastings and wine-paired dinners. Perhaps the best part is that you’ll blend your own wine and won’t leave empty-handed — a case of wine to take home is included in the package.

Where: Murphys, CA
When: June and July

Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Yoga Camp

Imagine daily yoga sessions outdoors among the picturesque landscapes of the southwestern United States. That’s what the RE:treat Yoga Safari is all about. You’ll travel in four-wheel-drive style to places like the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell.

Don’t worry, you’ll have warm showers, meals prepared by a chef, and a guide who’ll do all the work to set up and tear down your camp. In addition to yoga, you’ll also hike secluded trails and discover the beautiful vistas of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

Where: Telluride, CO
When: September

Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Cycling Camp

If cycling is something you enjoy, you’ll want to check out Experience Domestique, a cycling camp created by 17-time Tour de France cyclist, George Hincapie. Over the course of four days, you’ll participate in discussion groups and professional training classes, and you’ll ride with Hincapie himself for several hours each day.

After each ride, the program includes a full body massage, so you’ll be rejuvenated and ready for the next day. Cycling camp takes place at Hincapie’s luxurious Hotel Domestique in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Where: Near Greenville, SC
When: June, July, and August

Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Conservation Camp

RED Sustainable Travel hosts a three-day, two-night conservation camp on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. You’ll appreciate comfortable camping accommodations and gourmet meals while you join biologists in capturing black sea turtles. During day and nighttime expeditions, you’ll catch the turtles, then measure and weigh them before releasing them back to the ocean.

If nighttime duty isn’t for you, maybe you’d rather count shooting stars and admire constellations back at the campsite. You’ll also have time to kayak the mangrove inlets and view a variety of other wildlife. This camp is a hands-on opportunity to contribute to scientific research.

Where: La Paz, Mexico
When: December

Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Cowboy Camp

Have you wondered what it would be like to herd cows and ride on the range? At Blue Sky Ranch you can find out with their Cowboy For A Day program. After breakfast at the ranch, a cowboy will get you outfitted with a horse and teach you the ropes of cow punching.

You’ll take your lunch with you and spend a few hours on the range. Then, you’ll stop by the Tavern for a drink before finishing your ride. If you want to stay a few days and try out some of the other ranch activities, you can schedule an overnight stay in Blue Sky’s luxury yurt.

Where: Just outside Park City, UT
When: June, July, August, September, October, and November

Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

Culinary Camp

The Culinary Institute of America offers cooking camps on the east and west coasts as well as in Texas. You can choose from one-day, two-day, or four-day camps and a wide range of specific classes.

Some of the camp courses include grilling, pastries, Italian cuisine, Mediterranean fare, baking, bistro, and brushing up on the basics. If you’re interested in expanding your culinary expertise, these camps provide focused instruction from professional chefs.

Where: New York, California, and Texas
When: June, July, and August

Photo Credits: Courtwood Wine Tours, Elevated Retreat, Hotel Domestique, RED Travel, Blue Sky Ranch, and nosheep.

Be a Happy Camper: 6 Luxury Camps for Adults

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