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A black dish filled with almond scones sits on a dark wooden table along with a purple teapot, white teacup full of tea, and bag of loose leaf tea.

Almond Scone Recipe

Scones: simple, delicious, versatile bits of bread that go with just about anything. I’ve never baked frequently, save for a handful of recipes from my grandmother and previous housemate. So I reached out to a few people for tips on baking them and tried to develop my own almond scone recipe. Little did I know […]

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How Is Tea Made?

If you’ve been drinking tea for a while (or even if you’re new to the world of loose leaf tea), you’ve probably considered this question once or twice: how is tea made? So if you’re curious about how your favorite cup of tea is made from start to finish, keep reading! We’ll cover where tea […]

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Overhead view of things for making tea, including a blue tea kettle, a teapot with owls on it, a bag of loose leaf tea, a metal tea strainer, a mesh tea ball, and a wooden scoop of rock sugar.

Making Tea: Tea Steeping & Preparation

There isn’t a problem in the world that can’t be solved over a nice cup of tea. I get as much enjoyment out of tea preparation as I do drinking it. There’s something relaxing about just going through the motions; stress starts to ease away before I’ve even sat down with my cup of tea. […]

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Overhead view of ingredients for bath tea, including loose leaf tea, salt, mesh bags, and a pile of lavender in the shape of a heart, all displayed on a wooden table.

Self Care Soaks: How To Make Bath Tea

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A hot cup of tea is the perfect way to escape everyday stress — but have you tried putting it in a hot bath to wind down after a long day of work? Today, we’re talking about how to make bath tea. What’s Bath Tea? Bath tea, or tub tea, is just that — a […]

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